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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Funny Thing, Joe Biden Declines Run For The Presidency 1 Day Before Hillary Clinton Testify's About Benghazi?

Is the real truth Joe Biden was used to pressure Hillary to keep her fat mouth shut or Joe Biden would run for the presidency virtually cutting the primary votes for Hillary Clinton in half or at least butchering her chances of getting the democratic nomination for the presidency? Burnout Bernie would be happy with that!

One day before Hillary sits down with
Trey Gowdy, Joe Biden who looked a bit run down and ready for some neck resting in an old folks home announces he's not going to make a run for the presidency. Was Joe Biden nervous about getting mixed up in another Barack Obama command and control scheme, tired or just plain ready for some shuteye? Most likely Joe Biden was a nervous nelly about getting in front of the camera's and some right wing Tea Party nut job like me catching on to the obvious of "One Day Biden Not Running" and "Next Day Hillary Testify" ordeal.

Why did Joe Biden wait so long to announce when he knew he didn't want to enter a presidential race he had no chance of winning? Why did Hillary look so relaxed when she testified the next day on 10-22-2015? The questions that come to mind and will take along time to type out when the dinner bell is ringing and I'm looking forward to my meal over having to type out all the questions I could ask about this new take on the "Commibamanism" and the newest wicked dealings of the deranged threesome.

This pressure cooker stuff just tells me, "Barack Obama Was Involved In The Benghazi Affair" that left 4 dead. Most likely it was both Obama and Hillary together that concocted the untruth's about Benghazi but it could have been all of Obama's executive staff including the CIA director, Chief Of Staff, Treasury Secretary, Attorney General and more since they all, "FLED LIKE SCARED LITTLE RATS" not wanting to get chased by the fire that was coming. Most of Barack Obama's executive staff has quit and is gone so their involvement in Benghazi and other Barack Obama corruptions must be looked at too now.

What I'm getting from hearing Hillary is that a security team was in charge under CIA supervision that was responsible for providing security to the embassies but had no authority to provide physical security needs to the embassies. The CIA gets the blame and who is in charge of the CIA, "Obama". Come on Hillary, "The evidence says you but if you say it's Obama's fault we'll be happy!.

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