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Thursday, October 22, 2015

How The Communist Democrats Get Away With Targeting U.S. Citizens

The map above shows the "6 Most Communist Controlled States" that were flocked to by communists because of the large number of electorial votes, liberal hippy and immigrant populations. Vermont and Massachusetts are communist controlled also but are off shoots of NY. Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle and Chicago are all "Power Bases" of the communist party U.S.A.. I know for a fact through hours of research that the cities of Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City are indeed without a doubt primary headquarters for the "Communist Party U.S.A.".

 All the other blue states on this map have large populations of
immigrants that may or may not vote republican. It's well known Maine and New Mexico cater to immigrants but vote in rino republicans now and again. Minnesota is back and forth between republicans and democrats with immigrant populations?

The communists control Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle Washington and Chicago Illinois. The States of California, New York, Washington and Illinois are flush with hoards of liberals that the communist started mixing in with during the 1960's hippie movement because the hippie ideology fit exactly into Saul Alinsky's plan for the destruction of capitalism. The communist just had to infiltrate the liberal hippie anti establishment movement and the conversion of capitalism to communism could get underway although they knew it would take decades to complete and the constant bringing in and up of new communist educated generations of people tuned into the communist ideology.

The hippie anti establishment ideology may fit well with the communist democratic plans for conversion to communism but at the end of the road both the hippie liberal and communist ideology part ways. This part hasn't been seen yet because the "Tea Party" republican base caught onto it and is now organizing to reverse the planned communist takeover before the parting of the communists into full control over the United States from the anti establishment hippie liberal movement is complete.

The dilemma of the hippie people that want to run naked, stay intoxicated, live free on the dime of others while creating wonderful use products that fill their pockets with gold and treasures and the gods of government that see their way into complete control of the planet earth through the ideology of the hippie people that are blinded by their own light of glory.

The libertarian half democrat establishment republicans that the liberal hippies hate and want to get rid of are just as much at fault as the liberal hippies that are trying to get rid of them. The libertarian half democrat establishment republicans "DID NOT DO THEIR JOBS" and aided in the influx of millions of illegal aliens into the U.S. for profit. The establishment republicans are controlled by the "U.S. Chamber of Commerce" and The "Business Roundtable" who pay the libertarian half democrat establishment republicans off so their profits are enriched.

When I talk "libertarian half democrat establishment republicans" I'm talking reality that the third party libertarians are all about "Small Government With A Social Outlook". The libertarians want a one party political system with businesses running the United States and in order to achieve this they infiltrate both democratic and republican parties. The one problem is the communists took over the democratic party and over time kicked the libertarians to the side of the road. The libertarian half democrat establishment republicans also want open borders with the citizens of foreign countries having "Free" access to cross into the United States as they please and never having to leave. "True". The libertarian half democrat establishment republicans are the democratic social mentality that has creeped in and took control of the republican party and is just as much responsible for the flooding of the United States with immigrants as the communist democrats but for an alternative purpose.

Some media "Puds" may say the income inequity gap is this and that but the income inequity gap is in truth coming from the massive influx of immigrants legal and illegal into the U.S. where business and the wealthy benefit greatly and U.S. citizens get absolutely nothing. As a matter of fact U.S. Citizens get lower pay and less opportunities just so the rich can keep stuffing their pockets full of cash to no ends.

The liberal hippie's are looking for the answer and the communists offered up the answer with promises and some attempted actions so over the decades as the communists tossed the racism card at the conservative republicans and made promises of equality to minorities and jobs that never came and the U.S. democratic congress was consumed by communists to the point, well, "ALL THE DEMOCRATS IN CONGRESS ARE COMMUNISTS!" and 6 states are completely communist. All the while the libertarian half democrat establishment republican congress had one hand in their underwear and the other hand counting the cash they were making off illegal aliens. As for the "conservative" voters of the now decades ago? They were working hard to make their way until Bill Clinton the communist wonder boy decided to give home loans to illegal aliens that crashed the economy in 2008.

To this day with the formation of the "Tea Party" the libertarian half democrat establishment republicans with just as much cash as the democrats are using every trick in their book to "Fight Their conservative Republican Tea Party Base" that outnumbers the libertarian half democrat republicans 3 to 1. If you ever wonder why the U.S. is in the place it's in just look at the liberal hippies that are to drugged up and to dumb to find the correct answer and the libertarian half democrat establishment republicans that put U.S. citizens in the back rumble seat just to make their fast cash first.

Now because we have a real "Reality Show Of Ding Bats, Nit Wits And Clowns With Painted On Butt Faces" leading all the political parties the communists are almost in control of the whole United States. The communist democrats are calling Donald Trump a "Carnival Barker" and a "Reality Show Actor" but the real reality is that what the communist democrats are calling Donald Trump is exactly what they themselves the communist democrats are.

The "Tea Party" is now answering the questions of the liberal hippy types rich and poor plus attempting to clean up the puke that is covering what once was the "United States Of America".

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