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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Ted Kennedy's Immigration Law To Communism That Killed John F. Kennedy

"LifeZette Article" - The Law That Changed Us

This is the time period after Ted Kennedy informed his communist ally's of JFK's travel schedule in 1963. Now, "This Speculation That Ted Kennedy Was A Devote Communist That Gave Up His Brother For Execution Is My Own After Evaluating The History Of Why JFK Was Killed".

1965 through 1968 is the period in time when the communists took full control over the democratic party in "Silence" and ushered in the "Civil Rights" and "Immigration" Acts in their master plan to destroy the U.S. economy in their never ending effort to create global communism that remains to this day of commibama. If you look at the history of this in detail you may come to the same conclusions I myself have drawn.
Here's my full article on my speculation that Ted Kennedy was a communist. This post was made because whenever I see an article like the article posted in the online magazine "LifeZette" I get taken back to the speculation I made concerning Ted Kennedy's communism. All the pieces for this speculation add up so if you ever wondered why things don't add up with your thoughts about how Lee Harvey Oswald just happened to be working at the book depository a month before JFK's travel through Dallas TX. was planned then reading both mine and LifeZette's articles might clear up some of the questions you have.

Ted Kennedy and Georgy Arbatov In Moscow April 1974

In other words from passage below, "Spy Ring"

From 1967 to 1995, Arbatov ran the U.S.A. and Canada Institute, an advisory body to Soviet authorities that he founded and that had huge sway over policy toward the American continent at a time of heightened tensions between the Cold War adversaries.

From The Moscow Times
Oct. 14th 2010

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