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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Elizabeth Warren, "The Communist Storm Trooper" Sent Into The Battle To Destroy Donald Trump


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Tea Party Main Street | 5-12-2016

Elizabeth Warren the "Shock Trooper" of the democratic party being sent into the fight to save Billary Clinton? Elizabeth Warren supports Bernie Sanders but Bernie Sanders supporters are fighting for Bernie Sanders because of his honesty and rejecting Billary Clinton for her lying. So why would the democrats send in the liar who is the total opposite of what Bernie Sanders stands for in to protect the liar Billary Clinton?

Actually Elizabeth Warren is the mean monster personality you never want to cross. Elizabeth Warren has nothing on her mind but kicking anybody's ass that says or does anything that slights her. With Elizabeth Warren it isn't the rule of law but instead the "Rule Of Elizabeth Warren". Elizabeth Warren is that mom, teacher, boss you don't want to be the subject of because your nerves will become shot after you encounter her for long periods of time. Elizabeth Warren is the type of personality that keeps mental health services profitable.

Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and other prominent democrats are angels compared to the blistering reign of Elizabeth Warren. The other democrats will put you in a place where they can control you completely but when Elizabeth Warren gets you in a place of where she can control you completely she will enslave you to her personally over enslaving you to the communist ideology. The enjoyment that fulfills Elizabeth Warren isn't making you conform to the will of the communist party but instead mentally beating you down until you find a corner in a dark room and squat in to cringe, shake and tremble.

Elizabeth Warren the vice president of Hillary Clinton? That would be like putting a bigot second in command to a homosexual. Would anybody in their sane mind put a hungry wolf under the command of a plump meaty chicken? Elizabeth Warren rode Barack Obama's popularity to her senate seat but Barack Obama surrounds himself with buffed men who carry long sticks to keep Elizabeth Warren at a distance.

With Donald Trump on the rise Barack Obama and his communist democrats need to let the badger out of the cage. The democratic shock trooper Elizabeth Warren has had her "Valium" taken away and her teeth sharpened to take on Donald Trump. The communist democrats even used the best made chinese grease to get her tongue really slick so the words that come out of her mouth move out as fast as a speeding bullet to penetrate Donald Trumps nervous system at a high velocity. When Elizabeth Warren smells the blood of somebody that will not submit to her republican or democrat her face lights up because she has found something to eat. The communist democrats have already built in a safety system to fence themselves off from Elizabeth Warren going for their throats but the weak minds of non communists will have a hard time not submitting to the sharpened lies of  Elizabeth Warren's sense of herself and dominance of everybody that's not Elizabeth Warren.

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