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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Here's The Plan. Lets Bring Facebook Conservatives To Our New Conservative Home, "GOOGLE PLUS".

Two Of My Accounts Were "Deactivated" For No Reason Except Being Conservative

OK, here's the deal to deal with the facebook hatred of us Donald Trump supporters. Now, you have to bear in mind that Facebook doesn't want to lose conservatives because facebook makes its money from advertising and if facebook loses millions of conservatives their cash flow goes down big time, " Facebook just doesn't want conservatives to communicate ".

I've talked to some other conservatives who've complained about their friends messages not showing up or in my case, "I WAS KICKED OFF" completely because my conservative viewpoint was getting read. Actually I got kicked off twice. For posting messages from my "Tea Party Main Street" blog.

I would like to see "ALL" conservatives come here to "Google Plus" so they can communicate with me and I can communicate with them again. I really enjoy interacting with the conservatives already on "Google Plus" but wouldn't it be great to have all facebook conservatives here on "Google Plus"?

Here's my plan to teach facebook it isn't nice to piss off conservatives.

* 1st, Post your news stories you want to be seen from news sources like Breitbart, Newsmax and other conservative web sites to a "Google Plus Group" instead of directly on facebook. Do this with your own articles and posts you create yourself as I do. I haven't checked to see if this can be done with pages or profile posts but I'm guessing it will work.

* 2nd, Go to the group you posted your copy/pasted story on and click the "Time Number" up in the right had corner of the post. You should be taken to a separate page that only contains your post and nothing else. The time number could be 1 minute to 100 days depending on how long its been since you made the post.

* 3rd, Copy the link in the address bar on the separate page your post is on and paste it to facebook. The original story you posted on "Google Plus" will show up on facebook and when someone on facebook clicks in to read the story they will be taken to "Google Plus".

This will show all conservatives that we are gathering on "Google Plus" since most conservatives on facebook are unaware of "Google Plus" or don't want to give up all their likes and friends on facebook which is a legitimate reason. But once they start frequenting "Google Plus" they will eventually sign up and start making friends on "Google Plus" and interacting on "Google Plus".

With hundreds or even thousands of people doing this and posting millions of link backs to "Google Plus" you'll seen your friends and posts getting read start jumping up big time.

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