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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Natures Altered People Allowed To Expose Themselves Where Impressions On Children Can Be Extreme

Democratic Women Vote Hillary Clinton To Let Hairy Men Urinate With Them

Now, these transvestites or to be PC transgenders that are caught up in an imperfect state of nature do have needs when out in public but the question is should these persons that look like males be allowed to relieve themselves in areas where young children relieve themselves also? 

Who's to say a pervert won't claim transvestite status just to enter a restroom where little girls get to go without a restroom monitor always present? Affording these abnormal persons a comfortable public life is one thing but government injection upon a normal persons reality is crossing the line as much as a line can be crossed. Barack Obama would never cross the red line he drew in Syria but has no problem crossing the line concerning normal U.S. citizens.

I understand that these people are people and U.S. citizens but even they themselves know they are not as nature intended them be. They are caught up in a abnormal reality that normal reality hasn't compensated for. When a "Big Man Like Figure" walks into a public women's restroom that everyone realizes is a big hairy man the proper normal women are going to be shocked for the rest of their lives. A women that has her daughters in the restroom will see an event that will be impressed in their children's memories for life and alter their thoughts as they grow into adulthood. Males can handle these transvestites better than females but still reject a "Man Women" eyeballing their "ding dong" while they are urinating.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and all the communist democrats making a move to push the abnormal onto a normal public has really crossed the line big time. I can see our out of control democratic government creating a conversation about spending some government cash to accommodate these transvestites in public areas with their own restrooms and other physical structures as happened with the handicapped but forcing abnormalities on a "Normal" public is just a government trying to control thought.

Is it unconstitutional for government to control thought through physical mandates? I would think so. Government stopping crazies from causing physical harm to abnormal persons is constitutional but government controlling what people think through physical mandates is unconstitutional. Clearly Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama inserting their will into areas society deems to be proper is not constitutional. Next the democrats will insert their will into everyone's bedroom if they get away with controlling thought through physical mandates in restrooms.

People like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Mark Suckingbugers of FB and all the communist democrats are doing their best to control societal thought over managing the U.S. in the best interests of all U.S. citizens.

I have no problem with physical accommodations for persons caught up in an imperfect nature through some public cash but government telling U.S. citizens they have to accept a physical "Man Body" into an area where normal persons have to expose their private sexual parts to relieve themselves is "OUTRAGIOUS".

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