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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Donald Trump, "Fighting For U.S. Citizen Women To Prosper" Over A Police State Communist Government

Donald Trump Supports All U.S. Citizen Womens Financial Freedom

Did Humpy Dumpty fall off a wall and crack his noggin? The story states he did but we all know Humpty Dumpty was fictional or was he? Was the Humpty Dumpty story taken from a real life event. I've took a good hard look at the U.S. in its present way of being and all I see is somebody having to push Humpty Dumpty the democrat off the wall to stop the insanity of a well lubricated economic flow from becoming a third world nation in which government dictates who and what.

No, I'm not talking about the U.S. mexico border wall that is needed. I'm talking about the wall the democrats are building around themselves to keep the hoards of poor that used to lead a good life from getting to them. Of coarse Humpty Dumpty had to sit on the wall once in awhile to see what was happening on the other side and when he did, "Woops", a poor person shoved him off.

I write things and just had to post what I see since one of the biggest issues with the election is women. I've worked under many women (Work) and they are just as tough as any man I've worked for. If you can't do it your gone. I've called "Rosie" more vicious names then Donald Trump has and for some odd reason I get no media attention about it? I want some of the attention Donald Trump is getting for calling a screwed up jelly head women god awful names. But that's just like me calling other men the sexual muscle the wish they had between their legs. If a news organization ambushed me in public I'd let them have it with both barrels and Donald Trump's rebellion against the news organization was just child's play up against what I'd lay on them. By the way, "The Question Was Fair But The Question Was An Ambush And Not Along Ordinary Debate Questioning Outlays".

Of coarse women have problems with financial incomes but if they follow the strong women that have made it by sticking their heads in a text book and staying away from the ideology the democrats are pushing they would fine out their financial situations would improve dramatically. As I stated before, "If You Can't Do It Your GONE". That's the way it is for men and that's the way it is for women. The women that buckle down and stay away from democrat ideology will make it OK without having to be a rich mans toy.

Hell, I'm a man and I'm dying here financially because women decided Obama and the democrats were the way to go to improve the female stance in the U.S. and maybe get some help. Well, how's the help going for you women? Is the welfare nice? Are you clutching onto that welfare check to keep you from poverty and finding out that welfare check is keeping you in poverty? Is the man you are looking for with a good job that will keep you on a leash not to far out of your grasp? Do you feel any better about how people look at you under Obama and the democrats? Do you think Hillary Clinton gives a flying fck about other women or just herself as she piles up a bank account telling you women how she's going to make things better after she has spent her life not doing anything for women. Really, "Tell Me What She Has Done For Women".

I do a lot of business with women. I need women to have lots of cash in their pockets. Single or Married women with cash in their pockets is cash in my pockets when women decide to do business with me. Donald Trump is the only candidate that will help women get cash in their pockets through a massive cash flow between U.S. citizens women and men.

Vote Donald Trump for women to get cash in their pockets and for women getting their financial freedom. Don't let democrat women that don't want to improve their lives through skills and job development tell young women they, "Cannot Do It" and have to stay on welfare. 

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