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Friday, May 20, 2016

The Struggle Between Self Reliance And The Dependency On Government In The United States

The Struggle Of Donald Trump And His Supporters To Right What's Wrong

Written By James Allan | 5-20-2016

When that person was young all so long ago they were told where to be and where not to be so they could end up in a place that was beneficial instead of a place where struggle is the way of life and happiness is only when you go to sleep knowing you will wake up to face the unhappiness again.

The experiences of the older installed into the younger that builds a society of happiness and pleasure. Those who followed society's path are rewarded with a life that takes care of them. Those that wander off society's path take a chance on their skills and talent getting them to that place where everyday is a pleasure and the days won't resist them. Those that fail in their skills and talent meet the competition of others that have failed in their skills and talent and only get what society has left for them to have and hold.

Is it the mind the younger are born with or the failing of the older who have failed in their skills and talent? Some of both either/or. A born mind that's eager to learn with a failed parent can find their way out but a born mind of average capacity with a failed parent will take the path of social status being the answer until they go down and want to go up. A born mind that is naturally of self won't always fail if the mind of self has the capacity to learn but a born mind of self that has average intelligence and doesn't learn will always fail because others get in the way of self.

The older of experience with or without success passing on to the younger who will take the olders place as time passes will dictate the shape of society in the future always. The older who are paid well to pass what they known on to the younger becomes a failure many times over when the pay and lack of physical output is the only motive to pass knowledge on. The parents of those who need to learn always play the major role in shaping the younger but if the parents rely on those who are paid to teach to build the knowledge in the younger and those who teach are only concerned with pay and lack of physical output the younger who need to learn will not and end up in failure with others whom are in failure.

The shaping of a society is a two part system, the parent and the paid teacher. In today's society their are two systems each with two parts. The first society that is two parts shape the thoughts of its youth for success through dependence on others success and the second two part system shapes the thoughts of its youth for reliance on themselves.

* A business or individual that is successful is the wealth target of those who are shaped to be dependent on others. When the person or business of wealth is giving, the dependent are propelled into the mind set of success. If the source of wealth is ever not to be had the push for an entity who can take the wealth and give it is the goal. Also dependent persons are more likely to be violent and commit property crimes and are not satisfied until all people with more are giving most of what they worked for to feed the dependency of others.

* Individuals who are shaped to create and go after their own well being without the dependence of others shape a society that knows others who gain the wealth on their own is the way they themselves can earn their own well being without dependence. Others that gain on their own know they can gain more if many others are gaining on their own also without dependence. Self reliant persons are less likely to commit crimes violent or property at all since they are satisfied even if the satisfactions they achieved are small.

The self reliant will spend on others so they can achieve effective results. Those who are dependent will spend on what they need and push for others to spend and achieve results for them to be dependent.

After all the angles were viewed concerning our society of now the results are a populated society being filled with others of alien status from far off whom are not self reliant and creating a society of dependency by pushing the self reliant into the dependency of the few who are not dependent. The self reliant cannot rely on themselves if they can only find others of whom are dependent on others.

When the balance of society is shifted to the removal of the aliens whom are dependent the self reliant will be able to become self reliant again as many opportunities will exist for them to be self reliant again. Those whom are not aliens and dependent will also shift to be self reliant and the dependency they seek to be under will fade into a past experience.

What many refuse to believe is even though some aliens do work they are welfare recipient's of U.S. citizens at the cost of U.S citizen job incomes they can no longer get for themselves to be self reliant. Then aliens bring in their families and extended families that do go on social welfare creating two forms of welfare they get. Aliens get job welfare and social welfare at the expense of U.S. citizens that are not able to be self reliant anymore and have to float towards social welfare themselves.

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