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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Programmed Glamour Of Immigrant Poverty Brought To You By People That Profit And Gain

Why Work When We Can Get Immigrants To Do The Work And We Get The Welfare

Programmed Glamour Of Immigrant Poverty Brought To You By People That Profit

Some U.S. citizens travel to foreign lands to excite their interests of being in glamourous places the travel industry and governments of foreign countries laid upon the fantasies of U.S. citizens to develope profits into their coffers. T.V., radio shows and paper print that shows the
glamour that can be had if a person travels to the destination given to them by people that seek to improve their cash flow by playing upon the fantasies of people that have to work everyday to enhance their life's in a proper manner. Is this the way it must be to grow the U.S. economy or can we change this and grow the U.S. economy by enriching U.S. citizens with better pay without all the so called foreign glamour flocking to the U.S. and making U.S. citizens part of the scheme of the glamourous poor.

Are you one of those that view the people of foreign countries as "Glamourous"? When you travel do you usually end up in a foreign countries tourist zones and doing the paid tours of their history? It's a good thing you don't travel outside the created tourist zones or you'd get a rude awakening when you decided to be the lone wolf and wander around outside the line created to give you good thoughts about the place you put yourself in. You say they are a good people so you want to let them into the U.S. to show everyone your not racist and they are good people because you were in their country sipping alcohol and happy in their zone of compliance that is set up with hoards of their uncorrupted police officers and military to keep the peace so your vision as a tourist stays stable. What you don't see is the massive poverty in these foreign countries and because of you their poverty is our massive poverty now. You say they come here to escape what they themselves created and to earn a living for their families but what about our U.S. citizen families that want to earn their own living and can't because of all the poverty you are importing to soothe your broken heart because you know. Maybe our U.S. ghettos should set up tourist zones so you would know and import them for jobs in the U.S..

Most people only talk about the progressive communist democrats hoarding immigrants for votes.  The so called libertarians that run as republicans and make up most of the field of backwards intelligence and messed up personalities who are pushing for open borders and ready to go citizenship for illegal aliens that will make the United States into one big poverty pit like China that's overpopulated should be addressed too. You didn't see the democrats pass immigration when they had control of congress and could have done it and easily as fingering their crotches. The democrats want the libertarian republicans to do it because they know U.S. citizens will revolt heavily and if the democrats can destroy the republican party by blaming the passing away of U.S. citizen livelyhoods to immigrants on republicans why not let this happen. The libertarian republicans are bigger amnesty supporters than the democrats. In fact, the libertarian republicans spend all their time swaying people to accept immigration as a way of life over a persons own personal financial needs. Libertarians are all in for business running the U.S. and owning the U.S. government and turning us into the puzzle that will create one giant poverty stricken nation where you get paid in goats and chickens but have to pay in gold coin to get what business produces. Libertarians are some of the wealthiest people in the U.S. but their setback is they have soured thoughts as demonstrated by Ron Paul's mouth attacks on reality and what really works.

Also coupled up with the communist democrats are the liberals who latch onto anything that keeps their minds altered, their bodies naked with the intelligence of the teachers that indoctrinated them into the darkness that is a liberal. U.S. liberal aid workers seeing all the heartbreaks in foreign countries and coming back to the U.S. saying, "Bring Them Here", "Bring Them Here" so the liberals "I Need Poor People To Make Me Whole" can keep themselves in the power bubble of social consciousness. I guess foreign lives matter to them more than the poor blacks here in the U.S. that like to shoot each other for sport. Every now and again you will hear on the news of some liberal aid worker including nuns that meet their end of life experience beheaded or by gunshot from the people they are serving in foreign lands. I guess the liberals made the decision to be shot, raped and brutalized in the U.S. rather than in a foreign country where it may take months if not years for their dead bodies to show up so they joined forces with the libertarians and communists to bring the poverty to the U.S..

Yes this article is about the massive immigration happening that is profits for the rich only, votes for democratic progressive communism and a turn to government that has all because the elite cannot be controlled by the masses that are not of "Elite Quality". The democratic progressive communist way is to have all business owned by the government and the establishment republican rino libertarian way is to have business own all government. Both the progressive communist democrats and establishment republican rinos need massive amounts of immigrants to succeed with their group plans to control the your life that you once owned. What matters? You elected persons that are under the impression they only matter and since you are not paying attention to elected persons that are of the knowledge they only matter, "you become people that don't matter" .

Which way depresses you the most? The reality of being dictated to by one or the other? Or your doctor not having the correct medicine for your depression when you find out that the people in the neighborhood you see everyday and just waive to are not documented? When you voted for Barack Obama's change you really didn't know you were living in his change before he took office and he was only going to accelerate the change.

Everyone from around the planet wants the piece of the so called "American Pie". But what's happening to your piece of the pie that wasn't given to you unless you came from a family of wealth? Why does someone that has been deemed glamourous from a foreign country have more pie than you? Is your site going bad as you see your workplace fill up with individuals that are of different cultures and preach their way to you and you are not allowed say anything back? Why do you work so hard but just can't seem to get ahead? The questions you can ask are endless if you don't see that the influx of immigrants being used to lower wages is the problem.

The law states that government officials can't profile individuals but you with the "Freedom Of Speech" right given to you "Can" ask anyone if they are illegal or on one of hundreds of government visa's created to suppress your wages. You can press anybody in the U.S. for proof of being legal if you are not working for the government. Even if you press a person to show they are legal in a satire way it's your "Right" to question anything. The establishment republicans, progressive democrat communists and libertarians will always tell you that you can't question a persons legality to be in the U.S. and it's against the law but the reality of it is that it's only against the law for government officials to do this. You can profile and question the persons that are telling you that you can't question or profile people.

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