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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Crime And Rape Against Women In Mexico Is A Whopping 67% And Is In The U.S. Now

Only One Out Of 10 Crimes Get Reported In Mexico Which Makes The High U.S. Crime Rates On This Chart Above In The United States Go Through The Roof Since Most Crimes In The United States Are Reported.

Crime In Mexico

The crime rate in Mexico is 67% which means that, "67% Of Mexico's Population Commits Some Kind Of Crime". As the mexican population finds its way across the U.S. border the crime rates in U.S. towns and cities increases. In this link provided below this paragraph shows that when mexicans are busy protesting deportations out of the U.S. the crime rate in their areas drops at least 60%.

Click Link Below To Read

Crime Drops 60% When Mexicans Are Protesting Deportations

Note From Hat In Ring

Donald Trump was absolutely correct. Donald Trumps numbers were basically only for border crime by Mexicans. The paragraph below that shows Mexican criminal activity against women covers the

The Presidential Polling Facts, Truth And A Look At The Rigging In Them To Win


What To Believe From The Voice Of A Person To The Results Of The Taker

Written By James Allan | 8-31-2016

Turnout in presidential elections is the big factor in who wins the presidency. People can reply to a poll question in support of their political party because they are their political parties hardcore cheerleaders and will not vote for an opposition party candidate no matter what but have no problem in just staying home and not voting because they know their political party candidate is bad.

If you compare the "Monthly Poll Results" to the "Difference Between Actual Results And Final Poll" you will see some huge gaps. The polling between the "Final Poll" and the "Election Results" may be "Within The Margin Of Error" but the polling results from June through October have some huge gaps when compared to the final election results which means or can mean heavy "Polling Bias" created by either political party supporters taking the polls. Even if you average the polls together the bias can be seen because the political party supporters that Rig the results more in the most polls can really impact the average to no end. In today's political arena the art of Rigging polls in their political parties favor is a science.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Collector Marketplace Collapses As The Democrats Push All U.S. Wealth To The Wealthy


Who Will Have The Cash To Pay You A Higher Price Over What You Paid?

Written By James Allan | 8-23-2016

As the economy sinks due to greedy businesses using foreign labor and a government that feeds its pockets off of the greedy corporations the economy dives to a level that the wealthy businessmen and women are satisfied with. These wealthy business men and women do their best to keep the general public that's not business at a wealth level where they cannot create competition against them and then to boot the general public will have to buy their corporate products exclusively because there's nothing else. This scenario has been found out to be corporations and wealthy business personalities purchasing democrat politicians and paying these democrat politicians to raise taxes that in fact destroy their "Small Business" competition.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Billionaires Pay Hillary Clinton And The Democrats To Raise Taxes That's Steering All Wealth In The United States To Them


Everything Stated In This Picture Is, "TRUE"
The corporations and wealthy are willing to pay higher taxes because high taxes crush small business and keep the wealth flowing to the corporations and the wealthy 1%. Small business takes wealth away from corporations and the 1%. It's all by design.

Donald Trumps tax plan is designed to encourage small business growth that will drain corporations, wall street and billionaire's of all their wealth and give the wealth back to U.S. citizens through the rise of small businesses that will rise up all over the United States again. Small Business redistributes wealth out of the hands of any group of individuals and government. 

Some of the wealth the billionaires accumulate gets paid to politicians who will vote to crush small business to keep all the wealth in the United States flowing to corporations, wall street and big business. As a matter of fact, the democrats are out to get their cut from this scheme that keeps the wealth out of the hands of the general public. The more small businesses that get crushed means an even greater flow of cash to the already wealthy and corporations. 

If you want higher wages, job opportunities and to end your poverty, "Vote For Donald Trump" and the growth of small businesses. Donald Trump may be a billionaire too but he's one of the very few that fight for U.S. citizens. Donald Trump has his wealth and is just out to give back to the country that fulfilled his dreams of becoming financially free. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Massive Democrat And Libertarian Republican Bias In Presidential Polling Against Donald Trump

Donald Trump gets hammered in polling due to bias from the democrats and now the libertarian rino republicans

There's nobody monitoring the accuracy of the polls fed to the public

Here's a great article on the "Bias Polling" against Donald Trump everyone really needs to read and, "Understand" located after my bolded text here. I'm seriously disappointed in the recent polling data showing Billary's lead over Donald Trump without pointing out the flaws in the polling as outlined in this article.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Donald Trump's Economic Plan Will Suck Wealth Away From The Huge Corporations And Redistribute It To U.S. Citizens


Small Business Is The CEO's, Corporations And 1% Percenters Worst Enemy

If you want to see more job opportunities, better pay and job advancement then Donald Trump's economic plan is what you are looking to get installed. Donald Trump's economic plan will suck huge amounts of wealth away from the corporate big wigs that donate to politicians to keep the CEO's and corporations sucking all the money out of the economy and distribute the wealth to millions upon millions of U.S. citizens without any government involvement. The U.S. treasury will be flooded with huge amounts of revenue from all the new wealth being generated from good paying jobs and U.S. citizens stuffing cash in their pockets.

Written By James Allan | 8-14-2016

Donald Trump's economic plan is much better than Hillary Clinton's economic plan that is just a carry over of what Barack Obama has been installing. The democrats are in fact communists that want a government spending economy over a consumer spending economy which in other words, "You Only Spend The Money The Government Lets You Have On What The Government Lets You Purchase". "True"

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Bill And Hillary Clinton Selling Off The United States Was True In The 1990's And Still Holds True Now. Will You Vote To Sell The United States?

Which president is the leading authority in the democratic effort to sell off the U.S. ?:

This Is A Real Game Marketed In The Early 2000's. This Is My Personal Game I Saved.

A Vote For Hillary Clinton Is A Vote For Her Selling Off The United States And The Continuation Of Your Poverty As You Keep Bowing To The 1% And Wondering Why You Can't Earn Enough To Pay Your Bills And Advance Into Economic Security. 

The Fact Of The Matter Is If The Communist Democrats Ever Let You Advance Financially The Communist Democrats Would Vanish And Cease To Be A Political Power Due To The Financially Disadvantaged Becoming Financially Secure And Supporting Politicians That Will Keep Them Financially Secure And Not Supporting Politicians That Want To Keep Them Financially Disadvantaged For Political And Personal Gain As Bill And Hillary Clinton Always Scheme To Do With The Communist Democrats.  

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Donald Trump "Was Not" Advocating Violence And Only Issuing A Warning Of Possible Rebellion


Donald Trump Just Stated "Reality" That Nobody Will Have Control Over U.S. Citizen Gun Owners If Hillary Clinton Appoints Supreme Court Judges That Take Away Their Guns.

Written By James Allan | 8-10-2016

Donald Trump was just warning of a possible rebellion that may happen if Hillary Clinton is elected into the presidency and appoints supreme court justices that abolish U.S. citizens constitutional rights to keep and bear arms that Donald Trump himself doesn't even have any influence over.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton Uses Her Personal "Code Pink" Organization To Voice Chants That Will Be "Blamed On Bernie Sanders"


The Lights Turned Off In The Above And Below Sections Where Hillary Clinton Placed Her "Code Pink" Protesters To Voice Anti War Chants That Will Be Blamed On the "Bernie"

I've been writing about Hillary Clinton's "Code Pink Communist Political Organization" for the past few weeks and how I've come to the conclusion Hillary Clinton is the true founder in chief of this radical anti United States group.

I was indeed watching the democrat convention and plenty of action was there to be seen other than all the celebrities that were brought in that only radical left wing political organizations listen to. One of the rising moments that really caught my attention was the chants from the crowd "No War", "No War" during Leon Panetta's and some other democrat military generals that muffed the war in the middle east speech's. Barack Obama's appointed military generals that are speaking out against Donald Trump did in fact screw up the military deployments in the middle east to no end.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Barack Obama Cracks Down On Voter Fraud In The Republicans Favor But Not In The Democrats Favor?


The Poster Says It All. Voter Fraud against the democrats is dealt with vigorously. Voter Fraud against the republicans is overlooked. Crime and corruption at it's best coming from government.

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How Hillary Clinton Will Govern The United States And How Barack Obama Has Been Governing


Become Aware Of Hillary Clinton And The Communist Democrats Now Or Regret Your Vote For The Democrats And Hillary Clinton Later. "Your Being Warned Right Now"

Hillary Clinton's rumored when she was first lady homosexual lover  Donna Shalala had become "Code Pink's" first administrator. The founders now are listed as others but when you are in elected or appointed government offices it's kinda bad to have it known you have your own radical pro communist political organization with your well known friends running it.
Hillary Clinton has her "Code Pink" political organization tagged with, "Women For Peace" but this is only to distort the truth about what "Code Pink" is really about. Hillary Clinton's "Code Pink" may be about "Women For Peace" but the peace is through submission to communism and creating a global communist government. 
Below is a copy of what Hillary Clinton's "Code Pink Communist Women" are all about. Below is the political agenda Code Pink practices and the type of political agenda Hillary Clinton practices and will push when she takes up residence as our, "President Of The United States". Barack Obama is pushing this same "Code Pink" agenda right now and Hillary Clinton will follow the same path as Barack Obama.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fox News Polling Website With No Registration Or Email Signups. Republicans And Democrats Just Vote

Fox Nation No Registration Or Email Polling Web Site

The setup of this Fox Nation (News) poll is more natural with no polling registration or having to enter your email. Hopefully it will only register one attempt to vote per question but overall this type of polling is that way all polls should be setup and run. Fox News just promoted one of their own polls taken the usual way with engineered input as to phone polling and lies people tell them. This type of "Just Click Into The Site And Vote" poll is more real as long as it only registers one vote per IP address so one person can't vote multiple times on the same question.

Actually, I myself will not vote in any other poll, "Just This One". All the other polls are bias against Donald Trump and fixed against him. This is the only poll that's real. If Fox News starts publishing it to their news broadcasts instead of publishing their old phone polling method the truth and reality in the polling counts will be known to all.

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The Democrats Staged A Sharia Law Practicing Muslim At The Democrat Convention To Discount Donald Trump

PHILADELPHIA, PA - JULY 28: on the fourth day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center, July 28, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton received the number of votes needed to secure the party's nomination. An estimated 50,000 people are expected in Philadelphia, including hundreds of protesters and members of the media. The four-day Democratic National Convention kicked off July 25. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The Democrats Gave A Copy Of The United States Constitution To Khizr Khan For Him To Use On Stage In His Speech Attacking Donald Trump

My final conclusion on this matter is that there are thousands of other U.S. families that lost children who went off to serve the U.S. in war and Khizr Khan losing his son in war was his sons decision. The democrats staging this event with a "Sharia Law" practicing muslim to discount Donald Trump is despicable! The democrats producing a muslim that practices "Sharia Law" over the U.S. constitution for the sole purpose of importing hundreds of thousands more "Sharia Law" practicing muslims to change the demographics of the United States in the democrat effort to achieve global communism is outright, "Treason".

Khizr Khan, by supporting the democrat party is, "Supporting The Terrorists That Killed His Son".

This staged event at the democrat convention was all planned by Hillary Clintons, "Code Pink Communist Women" who are pushing the United States to global communism.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What The TPP Free Trade Means >>>>> Manufacturing Flocking To Low Wage Countries For Profits From Labor


The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) with open borders means, "YOU SCREWED"

Also Read: "Hillary Clinton Owns The Code Pink Communists"

Written By James Allan | 8-2-2016

The title of this post says it all. Bill Clinton Signing NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement) and letting China into the WTO (World Trade Organization) gave U.S. businesses the green light to move their jobs to foreign countries that will increase their profits through "Low Labor Costs". TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) is just more U.S. economy killing practices to create a global communist government. The democrats and libertarian republicans are just pushing the same economy killing plans under different names. More of the same under an different name. Nothing gets better as you only see things get worse. 

Monday, August 1, 2016

Hillary Clinton Isn't Who She Preaches She Is And She Really Supports Anti United States Policies

Whatever your impressions of Hillary Clinton are she isn't what she appears to be. Hillary Clinton is the "Real Founder" and "Chief" of the "Anti U.S. Women's Group Code Pink". These women preach peace through submission to dictators and communists. "Code Pink" wants a global government and the destruction of the United States. Foreign countries and ideology's that hate the United States "Code Pink" encourages to be dominate over the United States. "True"