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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton Uses Her Personal "Code Pink" Organization To Voice Chants That Will Be "Blamed On Bernie Sanders"


The Lights Turned Off In The Above And Below Sections Where Hillary Clinton Placed Her "Code Pink" Protesters To Voice Anti War Chants That Will Be Blamed On the "Bernie"

I've been writing about Hillary Clinton's "Code Pink Communist Political Organization" for the past few weeks and how I've come to the conclusion Hillary Clinton is the true founder in chief of this radical anti United States group.

I was indeed watching the democrat convention and plenty of action was there to be seen other than all the celebrities that were brought in that only radical left wing political organizations listen to. One of the rising moments that really caught my attention was the chants from the crowd "No War", "No War" during Leon Panetta's and some other democrat military generals that muffed the war in the middle east speech's. Barack Obama's appointed military generals that are speaking out against Donald Trump did in fact screw up the military deployments in the middle east to no end.

I gathered these "No War" chants were coming from the anti United States group "Code Pink" because they in the past are the only ones that really get religious with the anti war chants. These "Code Pink" protester's got really loud with the chants to the point the DNC convention staff turned off the lights in their sections. These chants were later verified by one of the Fox News reporters Shannon Bream in a quickie convention floor update to be from the "Code Pink" protesters.

News reports from other media sources and relayed to us by the DNC staff was the "No War" chants were from Bernie Sanders supporters which is completely false and a down right lie since it's already proven fact that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have the exact same political agenda as "Code Pink". Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state were practicing and installing the political agenda of "Code Pink".

How Barack Obama Has Been Governing The United States 

I've also come to the conclusion Hillary Clinton founded and is funding the anti U.S. communist political group "Code Pink". It's also suspected that the majority funding for "Code Pink" is coming through the "Clinton Foundation" with the money she received from countries that torture and rape women.

Hillary Clinton Isn't Who You Think She Is

The question to be asked is "How Did All Those Code Pink Protesters Get Into The Democrat Convention?". "Code Pink" is Hillary Clinton's personal political group so it can be assumed she orchestrated there entrance as delegates and onlookers. Sure, there were Bernie Sanders supporters there also but the Bernie Sander supporters "Were Not Protesters" from a single organized political group. 

These schemes cooked up by Hillary Clinton and her communist democrats get very elaborate to produce misinformation to the voting public. A successful opportunity to divert the public thought translates into "Money and Power" for the select few the many are fooled by.

"Code Pink" are not Bernie Sanders supporters and Bernie Sanders supporters did not voice the "No War" chants to Leon Panetta and the military generals at the democrat convention. For the reason of producing disinformation to voters and discounting Bernie Sanders, "Hillary Clinton" brought in her "Code Pink" protesters to voice the anti war chants and blame it on "Bernie". For what reason did she do this when she already had the nomination locked up? Only Hillary Clinton's twisted brain can answer that.


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