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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fox News Polling Website With No Registration Or Email Signups. Republicans And Democrats Just Vote

Fox Nation No Registration Or Email Polling Web Site

The setup of this Fox Nation (News) poll is more natural with no polling registration or having to enter your email. Hopefully it will only register one attempt to vote per question but overall this type of polling is that way all polls should be setup and run. Fox News just promoted one of their own polls taken the usual way with engineered input as to phone polling and lies people tell them. This type of "Just Click Into The Site And Vote" poll is more real as long as it only registers one vote per IP address so one person can't vote multiple times on the same question.

Actually, I myself will not vote in any other poll, "Just This One". All the other polls are bias against Donald Trump and fixed against him. This is the only poll that's real. If Fox News starts publishing it to their news broadcasts instead of publishing their old phone polling method the truth and reality in the polling counts will be known to all.

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