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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Donald Trump "Was Not" Advocating Violence And Only Issuing A Warning Of Possible Rebellion


Donald Trump Just Stated "Reality" That Nobody Will Have Control Over U.S. Citizen Gun Owners If Hillary Clinton Appoints Supreme Court Judges That Take Away Their Guns.

Written By James Allan | 8-10-2016

Donald Trump was just warning of a possible rebellion that may happen if Hillary Clinton is elected into the presidency and appoints supreme court justices that abolish U.S. citizens constitutional rights to keep and bear arms that Donald Trump himself doesn't even have any influence over.

Donald Trump "Was Not" advocating violence but "Only" issuing a warning that over 100 million U.S. citizens could rebel in an unknown way towards the tyranny being imposed upon them by the communist democrats.

If the democrats don't want U.S. citizens to own guns then let the democrats set the example and "GET RID OF ALL THE GUNS THE DEMOCRATS OWN" first to set the example. Go ahead all you democrats! Quit pushing your mouths and get rid of your personal guns voluntarily and lets see how that works out over a 10 year time period. Then us conservatives will look at the "No Gun" thing as the police you people hate are responding to overwhelming calls for "Help".

All the democrats must get rid of all the guns they own in the United States and cancel their concealed carry permits completely to show everyone how well their "No Guns" law will work in states and communities that are dominated by democrats over a 10 year period.

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