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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton, Her Selfishness Of Wanting Others To Feed Her Selfishness And Her Casting Of Doubt To The Gullible

What We Are Shown By Hillary Clinton Is Not What's Real

Written By James Allan | 6-19-2016 | In Response To My Income Being Destroyed By The Democratic Government  

From the two time elected womanizer Bill Clinton comes his gay wife of the arranged marriage as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama's third term. Hillary Clinton can claim to be the third term of both because she belongs to her selfishness and is only consumed with herself as she rises to the top not through personal accomplishments but through her husbands popularity and skillfully bringing doubt into the public eye for the guilty.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Barack Obama Issues Executive Order Citing Disapline Must Be Maintained In The Media

Jovial News Point Breaking Story

Report By Jimmy Jok Sknksmeul | 6-17-2016
Jovial News Point

"NEWS BREAK" Barack Obama issues executive order that cable T.V. is under FCC control and all the female broadcast anchors at Fox News must wear their burkas or the station will face harsh penalties! Only T.V. stations that abide by the new FCC rules for the newly acquired cable T.V. networks can wear other attire not suited for modesty. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Democrat Party Forces Change From A "Consumer Spending Economy" To A "Government Spending Economy"


Government Controlling Your Lives. Vote For A Democrat "Government Spending Economy" And Government Will Choose Where You Will Be Pissing And In What.

Written By James Allan | 6-16-2016

If the democrats keep getting elected into the presidency and gain control of congress again and in future years the shift away from the U.S. constitution and a free market society will become permanent. The democrats are slowly but surely installing persons with a communist mindset into high ranking U.S. government positions that are of the idea to remove the U.S. constitution and reengineer the U.S. into a society of government domination over peoples lives and financial status.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Republican Women Take The Lead In 2016 Presidential Election. Democrats Shake In Fear


The 2016 Presidential Election belongs to our republican women to win

Written By Tea Party Main Street | 6-10-2016

Of course us republican men will be in the fray punching it out with mental blows to the democrats that want "Government Spending" to replace the present "Consumer Spending" economy. The democratic party wants to control all spending in the U.S. and is only out to take full control over where money gets spent and on what. Obamacare is the first step in this economic takeover.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hillary Clinton Draws Massive Crowds Of Gay U.S. Citizens That Make Up Her Crowds At Rallies

Personal Sexual Preference Will Not Be Allowed To Create Laws In The U.S.

Written By Tea Party Main Street | 6-9-2016 |
For Full Transparency Of Elected Officials

Sure, I've seen gay pride parades on the news and they draw in hundreds of gays out to show their pride in public. Hey, all persons with birth defects have some pride and want to openly show how proud they are to be them in public. Public perception of what's normal is the homosexuals goal to change. The homosexuals own public social thought of them being normal is in their own world only due to they can't feel natures law of the natural heterosexual. Gays want a sense of normalcy and Hillary has stayed in the closet because that's her normalcy to keep her wonderlust of wealth and power she has gained being the wife of Bill Clinton going. It's time for Hillary Clinton to step out of the closet. It's already been proven that many homosexuals marry the opposite sex to cover up their homosexuality for power and grace in what nature made between man and women to be normal. It's time for Hillary Clinton to show some, "Gay Pride".

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The La Raza Organization and Judge Gonzalo Curiel's La Raza Lawyers group Makeup

"La Raza" Means, "The Race"

La Raza Organization and La Raza Lawyers group. They are the same just split up into two entities. One's for helping illegal Mexicans with their legal troubles and the other is for causing trouble with white people who catch illegal aliens creating trouble. The media and misguided libertarian elected officials will say these two La Raza groups are not associated with each other because of their pandering to the Hispanic vote but this is completely false information being fed to the public once again to keep the borders open and legalize illegal aliens. The La Raza Lawyers association protects illegal alien Hispanics and the main La Raza organization promotes illegal alien Hispanics.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Judge Gonzalo Curiel's Mexican Heritage Was Used As A Weapon Against Donald Trump By Barack Obama

"We The People" Have Every Right To Know All About This Judge

Written By James Allan | 6-6-2016

This judge Gonzalo Curiel has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he was assigned to Donald Trumps case by Barack Obama because of his Mexican heritage. This judge was put in place as a democratic party loyalist and operative to stop Donald Trump in the up and coming 2016 presidential election by swaying the public vote through false information.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Donald Trump University Question Clearly Settled In Interview With Judge Jeanine Pirro


Donald Trump Wins But Anchor Baby Mexican Judge Won't Admit It

Jeanine Pirro For V.P. I Hope

Written By Jim Allan | 6-5-2016

I will even say sometimes Donald Trump doesn't show clarity in his descriptions of why and what in his interviews and speeches even though I myself do understand his words. Judge Jeanine Pirro in her interview with Donald Trump 6-4-2016 got the clarity out of Donald Trump concerning the Trump University issue and the La Raza Judge overseeing the Trump University case.

What A Hillary Clinton Presidency Would Mean To All Women That Do Not Submit To Her Will


Single Women, You May Want To Re-Evaluate Your Support For Hillary Clinton

Written By James Allan | 6-5-2016

The follower freaks of the democratic party should be wearing Nazi uniforms because they do and say what the brown shirt nazis did to the german people when hilter rose to power. They call us non libertarian conservative republicans nazis but who the hell are acting like nazis. Which political party is supporting the nazis and telling law enforcement not to act on the nazis. Of course it's the communist democratic party pulling a page from the history of the nazi party.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton Starts To Move Into Her Job Creation Spiel To Deceive Voters

How is any U.S. citizen going to advance her/himself if there's an immigrant trained to come in and do the job for less pay that they are seeking to advance themselves and their incomes?

If you look past Hillary Clinton and the democratic party talk then look at what they are actually doing you'll see "Government Spending" taking over the economy and "Consumer Spending" decreasing. This is the democratic party plan. The democratic party wants government spending to fully control all aspects of the U.S. economy which is in fact, "Communism". Anybody that knows the difference between "Government Spending" and "Consumer Spending" in overall economic terms knows government spending means the collapse of U.S. citizen wealth and a government that picks and choses who gains prosperity and who stays in poverty. Government spending controlling the U.S. economy means government owns businesses and picks who gets what job and advances into what position. The U.S. Constitution is trash under a government spending economy and the freedom of any person of any race to advance themselves through skill, talent, intelligence or any other means, "Is Gone".

The libertarian party who call themselves conservative republicans have in an indirect way of passing the democratic party's huge spending bills to fund the libertarian push for open borders and amnesty helped to create the ability for the democratic party to change the U.S. economy from a free market consumer spending economy to a government spending economy .

Written By James Allan | 6-3-2016

From the playbook of Barack Obama comes the speech of Hillary Clinton promising jobs and prosperity if you elect her into the presidency. The problem is if U.S. citizens start to accumulate wealth capitalism will thrive and the democratic dream of the perfect communist government that distributes wealth will never prevail. Progressive socialism/communism cannot exist if good paying jobs are at hand for all. Good well paying jobs? That can't happen in a government controlled economy.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Two Judges Advising Donald Trump In His Fight With Barack Obama's La Raza Hispanic Judge


The Two Advisors Of The Highest Legal Quality Whom Are Without A Doubt Paving The Road For Donald Trump To Be On A Straight Path For U.S. Citizens Equality And Freedoms 

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