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Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Donald Trump University Question Clearly Settled In Interview With Judge Jeanine Pirro


Donald Trump Wins But Anchor Baby Mexican Judge Won't Admit It

Jeanine Pirro For V.P. I Hope

Written By Jim Allan | 6-5-2016

I will even say sometimes Donald Trump doesn't show clarity in his descriptions of why and what in his interviews and speeches even though I myself do understand his words. Judge Jeanine Pirro in her interview with Donald Trump 6-4-2016 got the clarity out of Donald Trump concerning the Trump University issue and the La Raza Judge overseeing the Trump University case.

What is happening with the Trump University case is the Mexican judge was born in the U.S. from illegal alien parents and is indeed an anchor baby judge. This Mexican judge was appointed by Barack Obama to do a "Hit Job" on Donald Trump.

The case involving Trump University was so to speak, "Trumped Up" or manufactured. An ex student who attended Trump University that gave an A+++++++++ rating to Trump University was paid off by the democratic party to file a lawsuit against Donald Trump and his real estate school.

The lawsuit this women filed against Trump University was through a law firm that was chosen by the democrats who paid off the ex Trump University women student. This law firm chosen by the democrats donates regularly to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and democratic causes in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Barack Obama then picked the anchor baby judge to oversee the Trump University case fully knowing this anchor baby judge was an open borders judge and a Donald Trump hater that would not follow judicial etiquette and sabotage Donald Trump anyway this judge could sabotage Donald Trump.

The women filing the lawsuit against Donald Trump was recused from being a witness by Donald Trumps lawyers and the judge was forced beyond his powers to terminate this women who filed the lawsuit against Trump University as a witness. The case against Donald Trump University did not have any other witnesses so the lawsuit should have been dismissed.

What the anchor baby la raza judge did that was appointed by barack obama is keep the lawsuit against Donald Trump open as a last stand thing which is completely out of the realm of judicial etiquette since the lawsuit by this women against Donald Trump is dead in the water. The anchor baby mexican la raza judge won't recuse himself from the case which makes this judge dishonest and a total fraud. Just like Hillary Clinton and all other Obama appointee's that committed fraud while serving in public office the Dept. of Justice refuses to prosecute or remove this judge from the bench.

Donald Trump won the lawsuit against Trump University but as usual the democrats are trying to find something or manufacture something to stomp out Donald Trump legal or illegal.

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