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Monday, June 6, 2016

Judge Gonzalo Curiel's Mexican Heritage Was Used As A Weapon Against Donald Trump By Barack Obama

"We The People" Have Every Right To Know All About This Judge

Written By James Allan | 6-6-2016

This judge Gonzalo Curiel has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he was assigned to Donald Trumps case by Barack Obama because of his Mexican heritage. This judge was put in place as a democratic party loyalist and operative to stop Donald Trump in the up and coming 2016 presidential election by swaying the public vote through false information.

The reason for my and others judgement on this judge is that Donald Trump "Won" his case in the lawsuit against his Trump University and this judge sent to put Donald Trump in a bad light to sway voters would not "And Refuses" to close the lawsuit against Donald Trump. This proven fact shows personal bias against Donald Trump and that this judge isn't a judge but an operative of the democratic party.

This judge allowed his Mexican heritage to be used as a tool against Donald Trump so in all fairness Donald Trump has "Every Right To Call This Judge Out On His Decisions Based On This Judge Having A Mexican Heritage". If this judge Gonzalo Curiel had closed Donald Trumps lawsuit and declared that Donald Trump was cleared of all charges as he should have done no proof of personal bias against Donald Trump would exist.  

Sorry Harris! Race shouldn't be used but in this case the democrats did use race as a weapon so Donald Trump has every right to bring it up and make that fact known in the public venue.

Just because Gonzalo Curiel's Mexican parents were in the U.S. legally doesn't make Gonzalo Curiel any less of an anchor baby unless his parents popped him out after they gained U.S. citizenship.

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