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Sunday, June 5, 2016

What A Hillary Clinton Presidency Would Mean To All Women That Do Not Submit To Her Will


Single Women, You May Want To Re-Evaluate Your Support For Hillary Clinton

Written By James Allan | 6-5-2016

The follower freaks of the democratic party should be wearing Nazi uniforms because they do and say what the brown shirt nazis did to the german people when hilter rose to power. They call us non libertarian conservative republicans nazis but who the hell are acting like nazis. Which political party is supporting the nazis and telling law enforcement not to act on the nazis. Of course it's the communist democratic party pulling a page from the history of the nazi party.

I would think the established democrat nazi U.S. party would be outraged at their democratic leaders for allowing skin color into the ranks but they are not as people are always used as tools and pawns. I would come to the conclusion the U.S. democrat communist party and U.S. democrat nazi party have found some common ground and are lock stepping together. Communist, KKK, nazi, muslim, black panthers, street gangs and liberal participants all showing unity when they all have something they absolutely hate about each others ideology? "It's Happening". Who was promised what part of the U.S. by the U.S. communists if they help is the question?

Everywhere these communist and nazi freaks show up they riot and destroy property and others constitutional rights. As of this time they are following Donald Trump rallies and making women their targets who support Donald Trump for their economic freedoms and constitutional rights. All the men being attacked are approached from behind and clobbered. They also like to show off in front of the media cameras to instill fear so the weak minded will be more apt to submit.

At Donald Trumps San Jose California rally several women youth under the age of 18 were beaten along with older women whom were humiliated and covered with eggs. As Donald Trump and the non libertarian conservatives come closer to the prize of the presidency the violence appears to be getting worse and black panther type gangs threatening to increase the violence if Donald Trump doesn't step down.

A Hillary Clinton presidency would only mean an increase in the violence against the law and order of the United States. Hillary Clinton has "Never" produced any support for law enforcement and in the cases of Ferguson, San Jose and Baltimore has stood beside the corrupt democrat mayors who told law enforcement to stand down and just let the violence occur at its own will. Hillary Clinton supports law enforcement standing down against crime prevention then she wants to disarm U.S. citizens of their most effective self protection weapon which of course is the "Gun". Are you worried about home invasions? If Hillary Clinton is elected as our next president the Barack Obama policies will continue and criminals will be even more embolden to just break you front door down with no fear of reprisal from law enforcement.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obamas open borders policy? Mexico has a 67% crime rate which means 67% of it's citizens engage in some form of crime. As massive immigration is allowed unchecked into the U.S. the crime rate rises too and will eventually start matching that 67% number that is part of the mexican culture. Hillary Clinton not supporting law enforcement and private ownership of guns along with her open border policy will certainly be of some comfort for, "Single Women" as single women find some corner to curl up in and shake uncontrollably with maximum fear.

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