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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Say Goodbye To Your Tax Refunds If Obama Wins?

Say Goodbye To Your Tax Refunds If Obama Wins?

Read More About The "REAL PLAN" of the democrats to "END" the low wage workers tax refund check so instead of only 50% paying Taxes there will be 100% paying taxes. The democrats are not going to raise taxes, "They Are Going To Stop Refunding The Tax Money Already Being Paid To Them" using Obamacare as the tool to do this. :(

Obamacare will hurt the economy more than it

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Barack Obama Adopted The Term "Forward" From Past Communist Rally Cries

Forward to Socialism Obama Admits In Past Speech He Supports The Socialism Path To Communism

by Ken Blackwell1 May 2012

Someone in the Obama campaign should find a new line of work. They’ve adopted as a slogan the single word: Forward! You’ve heard those complaints from conservatives that Obama is a socialist? Well, Forward! is one sure way to validate those concerns. Forward! has been the slogan of Marxists for more than

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Home Loans For Illegal Aliens Published In August 2003 And Nobody Listened. Now There's Chaos

President Bush is the most unluckest man on earth. All the BS Bill Clinton launched just happened to collaspe on President Bushes Watch. A small recession just after Bush took office & then again weeks before Bush left office after Obama was elected. In the midst of President Bushes watch the world trade center buildings got knocked down. I think it's time to stop blaming the president that was in office at the time of the occurance and start blaming the President that made the occurance happen.:

Home Loans for Illegal Aliens?!

Also Read: How the communist democrats caused the 2008 housing and economic collapse

The American dream of home ownership, complete with the white picket fence, is alive and well for those who break our laws and break down our fences to get in.

Last week, The Washington Post published a rosy front-page tale headlined, “Illegal Immigrants Buy Into Homeowning Dream.” The article detailed how illegal aliens in the

Barack Obama's Communist Roots & His Hero Viadimir Lenin

Monica Crowley, a well known Fox News contributor called President Obama’s mother a communist who attended a communist church called the Little Red Church — red, apparently, being the color of communism — not a Sherwin-Williams product but an ideological one. Never mind the fact

Friday, August 10, 2012

"The Barack Obama Factor" Barack Obama Planning To Use Black Gangs To Squash Capitalism?

Is it really coincidence that Eric Holder protected the Black Panthers, Rahm Emanual joined forces & put Louis Farrahkan in charge of Chicago street gangs, President Obama created a government agency within the Dept. of education for "Blacks Only"? In my opinion this series of events are not coincidence & is a plan to create a physical army to consume large areas of the U.S. that can't be penetrated and will grow to consume more cities and states.

Tea Party Main Street Home

Friday, July 27, 2012

"The Barack Obama Factor" Barack Obama Is Promoting Race As All Of His Democratic Counterparts Are Doing


This article I copied from Freedom Outpost is intended to show how Barrack Obama is building an army with Louis Farrakhan as its general. Of coarse it's not know at this time if

"The Barack Obama Factor" Did Obama Put Louis Farrakhan In Charge Of Chicago Street Gangs?


Farrakhan, Nation of Islam, In Charge Of Chicago Streets

BY MARY MITCHELL marym@suntimes.com July 19, 2012 12:26AM[/b]

Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan at the Unity March, "Walking the Ward," on Monday evening, July 16, 2012.

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Rahm welcomes help from Farrakahn, ignores anti-Semitic remarks

Updated: July 19, 2012 3:52AM

On Monday night, residents in the Auburn-Gresham neighborhood on the city’s South Side witnessed the

"The Obama Factor" And Louis Farrakhan

Obama at the Million Man March with Louis Farrakhan [December 8, 1995]

Posted by admin

April 14, 2008

Source: Chicago Reader December 8, 1995

Lots of readers emailed about this one, an article from 1995 in the Chicago Reader that confirms Barack Obama did take part in Louis Farrakhan’s Million Man March—in his own

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bill Clinton And The Communist Democrats Caused The 2008 Housing Market And Economic Collapse

Which president is the leading authority in the democratic effort to sell off the U.S. ?:

Bill Clinton And The Communist Democrats Caused The 2008 Housing Market And Economic Collapse

In my own opinion as to what caused the housing crisis in 2008 is illegal immigration and to many legal immigrants being let into the U.S. coupled with the U.S. government not regulating dangerous sub prime mortgages to

Friday, June 1, 2012

Medical Billing Scandal By Medical Corporations And Hospitals


Here's Two Base Plans That Are Possible Solutions To The Problems Addressed In this Article

The republicans need plans fast they can produce for public criticism. Of coarse people want to pick and chose their own doctor but to fill the need of people that haven't been financially successful in life this may not always be an option because insurance rates due to medical corporation gouging drives makes monthly insurance premium payments a stretch for low wage workers having

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hospitals & Insurance Companies Are Money Machines

Hospitals & Insurance Companies Are Money Machines

Everyone wants to have a wealthy happy doctor work on them. Doctors and nurses usually have reasonable wages and are not part of this discussion.

It's the hospitals and insurance companies that are