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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hospitals & Insurance Companies Are Money Machines

Hospitals & Insurance Companies Are Money Machines

Everyone wants to have a wealthy happy doctor work on them. Doctors and nurses usually have reasonable wages and are not part of this discussion.

It's the hospitals and insurance companies that are
profit taking over what's necessary to cover the costs of illegal immigrants and uninsured patients coming into the emergency rooms for treatment.

Hospitals tack on thousands upon thousands of dollars to a hospital bill and this bill does not cover the doctors or tests at all. The doctors and lab test bills come separately. The hospital will charge a patient anywhere from $14,000 to $100,000 for just a 2 or 3 days laying around in a hospital bed with a nurse popping in from time to time. A hospital will charge $100,000 to an uninsured patient then state they are non profit and will give the uninsured patient the "Poor Mans Discount" and only charge $14,000 for 3 days laying around in a hospital bed with the occasional nurse popping in. The hospital bill will arrive and the bill will have a $6600 dollar charge for the 3 days and $7400 for suppositely related things.

The point is, a hospital room should not run more than $300 a day. If the hospital is charging a person for related items then why do the individual doctors and labs sent a person bills for thousands of dollars separately? Maybe $7400 for the illegal aliens working in the cafeteria making up trays of food for patients? Maybe that rubber tubing that got put into a patients arm costs $7400. There isn't anything that justifies a hospital charging over $1600 a day then charging another $7400 for tubes and some lady running questioning you.

The people that pay for insurance never question the charges because the insurance companies pay the bills or at least most of the bills. The insurance companies are wise to the hospitals ripping off patients but don't do anything about it because the insurance companies just jack up rates to cover the overcharges by the hospitals. The hospitals profit in the millions and the insurance companies stuff their pockets also.

Uninsured patients and illegal aliens are a big problem and they do drive up hospital bills but when a hospital spends $135 million to build a new state of the art emergency room and new hospital wing, well, there's something wrong with that picture.

Hospitals and insurance companies in my opinion from the stories I've heard and from personal experiances believe that the hospitals and insurance companies are using illegal immigrants and uninsured patients as an umbrella to tack on millions more in hospital care charges to line their pockets.

The insurance industry may be regulated but if the unregulated hospitals use illegals and uninsured patients as an umbrella to extract as much money as they can from the pockets of people that have insurance and need care then the insurance companies have a reason to jack up insurance rates and can get away with dancing around the regulations and tack on millions more in profit. Shoot! Why let the hospitals have all the money?

The oil companies are doing it, the democrats want to do it, NBC owns telemundo T.V. station and may be paying off the democrats to keep the spanish coming into the U.S. Can't find a lawyer that doesn't make you bend over, construction contractors like to live fancy, dentists need a days pay for a 15 minute tooth pulling job and a weeks pay for putting a crown on, So why can't the hospitals overcharge $100,000 for a simple surgery?

Want to know why health care is so expensive? Just think, most poor people get welfare to pay and welfare pays these bills blindly. Insured people have their insurance companies pay the bills. (insurance companies don't always pay the full bills, they tell the hospital they will pay only so much for the treatment knowing the hospital is overcharging and the insurance companies never make their short payments to hospitals public) .

This overcharging by thousands upon thousands of dollars by the hosptals is just now coming to light. Insurance companies are short paying the hospitals and the hospitals are now sending out bills for the remainder of the overcharge to the patients and several patients around the U.S. are saying hey, what the "Fck" is this. Several stories have been on national news about this problem.

In short, get rid of the illegal aliens and bring down maxwells silver hammer on top of the head of the hospitals and health care rates will drop drastically. The uninsured U.S. citizen patient bills will just be a drop in the bucket and will not be to much of a burden on U.S. tax payers even though it still will be a burden.

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