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Friday, June 1, 2012

Medical Billing Scandal By Medical Corporations And Hospitals


Here's Two Base Plans That Are Possible Solutions To The Problems Addressed In this Article

The republicans need plans fast they can produce for public criticism. Of coarse people want to pick and chose their own doctor but to fill the need of people that haven't been financially successful in life this may not always be an option because insurance rates due to medical corporation gouging drives makes monthly insurance premium payments a stretch for low wage workers having
to pay the already high housing and living expenses due to massive immigration driving up demand and with demand comes shortages letting businesses and professionals gouge peoples wallets.

This idea up for consideration is based on HMO's making people who use HMO insurance use their HMO doctors only. Millions of people who have good incomes use HMO's and only see HMO doctors so why can't republicans propose something like this and create "Medicare & Medicaid Clinics" to satisfy the needs of people that vote democratic just to get the so called "Obamacare" perks? It's all the illegal and legal immigrants driving up health care costs to outrageous levels then hospitals and medical corporations tacking on millions extra. Medicare and Medicaid clinics based in county hospitals and outlets run through the county hospitals would keep health care out of the federal governments hands and in the hands of private doctors and nurses overseen by local county governments that people can attack if they get out of hand. "Think About It" :) LETS KILL THE IDEA OF OBAMACARE WITH A PLAN THAT FILLS THE NEEDS OF THE ELDERLY, POOR AND CHONICALLY ILL AND WILL KEEP MEDICAL CARE LOCAL & OUT OF THE HANDS OF FEDERAL AND STATE GOVERNMENTS.

Obamacare is just the tool to implement the forced takeover of the U.S. economy by the democrats. Obamacare is the tool to stop the tax refund check to low wage workers and encompasses Obamas all famous words, "Everybody" has to pay their fair share. When the democrats stop the tax refund check to low wage workers the people that voted for Obama will be crying as poverty increases and creeps into the middle class.

Obamacare is nothing but the transfer of money paid out for health care & wealth in the healthcare industry from the private sector to government. Obamacare does not lower costs to consumers, it increases costs & transfers the places you pay into getting health care coverage to the government by way of increased taxes, fees & penalties. Illegal Aliens will still be able to walk into hospitals for their healthcare without charge as it is now. Obamacare forces people that earn to pay for people that don't earn as it is now. Obamacare is just a blunder by voters who were lead to believe they were going to get a "FREEBIE" if they support democrats.

Obamacare is the engineered takeover of the whole U.S. economy. It's designed to force taxes on the working poor and middle class by taking away the "Tax Refund" they get at the end of each year. A lot of higher income people have always had to pay taxes and I've talked to some of them and they don't know what a tax refund is. A tax refund is low wage workers paying the government from their paycheck each and every pay period and at the end of every year if they earned under a certain income amount from their job or jobs the U.S. treasury will refund all or part of the money that was taken from their paycheck during the tax year. "THIS IS THE MONEY COMMIBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATS WANT TO QUIT REFUNDING". When anyone hears that only half the people in the U.S. pays taxes this is what's meant by that statement. Everyone that works pays payroll taxes but half the U.S. citizens get that money paid back to them, some only get a portion of it back, higher income people don't get anything back. The payroll taxes are tiered to a persons income. The democrats want this money, "Bad". If the democrats can stop the tax refund government spending would be endless!

One of my thoughts about Obama Care is that since it serves no purpose and will not work adding millions to the U.S. debt and it's only purpose is to get "Everyone" paying high medical and insurance rates so people (democrats) that are heavily invested in health care and insurance stocks can get extremely rich. Richer than they already are and build their own wealth empires larger than Bill Gates. Think About It. This investment speculation scheme will only come to light after many years have passed. If the government ends up consuming the hospitals and medical corporations this speculation will not be correct. If the U.S. government leaves the hospitals and corporations alone then I would start digging into investments by these elected officials even if they have left office then bring it to light. I myself would start digging right now but finding an elected official republican or democrat to do that won't happen since republicans probably have their hand in the up and coming pile of cash that's going to be made off of government health care.

There's three reasons Hillary (Hillary Care Back In The 1990's), Obama and the democrats would do something like this knowing it wouldn't work. The reason sure isn't taking care of people.

1. Communism (Already has been proven in my opinion)
2. Millions of dollars Investors can make off Obamacare
3. Destroy the republican party
4. Stop the tax refunds to low wage workers (Democratic priority-->No doubt)
5. All of the above (Which may be the master plan. The democrats are "Crafty")

Through the years myself and everyone else assumed that illegal immigration was driving up health costs and this is with no doubt true. But what is happening also is the hospitals, insurance companies and corporate doctors are tacking on millions upon millions more to medical bills the insurance companies pay and the patients never sees.

 The hospitals over bill the insurance companies to cover the uninsured illegal immigrants, the insurance companies pay this overcharge then raise insurance premiums that the employers have to pay to stay in business. So all the cheap illegal alien labor savings are paid out in some form by employers to insurance companies which doesn't make cheap illegal alien labor so cheap. Then the insurance companies tack on millions more to boot and use the illegal immigrants as a excuse to boost their profits. The insurance companies can only tack on so much extra profit and are limited because hospitals and medical corporations are going absolutely nuts tacking on profit without bounderies.

  All patients that use insurance to pay their medical bills never see the actual charges because the insurance companies are sent the bill to pay. Most U.S citizens have some form of insurance and the uninsured U.S. citizens that use the emergency room don't even bother worrying about the medical bills they get because they can't pay them and they are at a loss no matter what. The poor that use welfare type medical payments never see the bills and the state pays them blindly getting reimbursed by the federal government. This is odd because the state knows there is loads of fraud in the medical system and they just keep paying. I'm wondering if the states are overcharging the federal government for millions more just like the hospitals are overcharging millions to the insurance companies and the insurance companies are squeezing millions out of the consumer if there's any room left after the hospitals and medical corporations milk the cow. The feds just print more money or something?

I've read several stories of people that were horrified at the medical bills they received when the insurance companies short paid the hospitals and the hospitals sent the unpaid portion of the bills to the patient. These people crapped their pants at the $50,000 dollars they were getting charged for a routine surgery that should have only cost a few thousand (in the area of $3000) . I know now hospitals and medical corporations are charging $80,000 to $100,000 for a routine surgery and this doesn't include doctors and lab. Insurance companies will only pay out in the area of $30,000 on overcharges like this and that's still an enormous profit on a routine $3000 surgery.

  One uninsured person got charged $6000 for a 3 day stay in the hospital and $8000 for supplies. All the doctors, lab tests and radiology were billed separately apart from the $14,000 hospital bill for an additional $6000 dollars. If the doctors and labs are charging $6000 combined for the treatment why is the hospital charging $14,000 for 3 days of laying in a bed and a nurse?

Just makes me think of all the overcharges that are being paid by the insurance companies to the hospitals that the patient never sees. I know illegal immigration is an issue driving up medical costs but these hospitals, corporate doctors, radiologists and labs are tacking on millions more using illegal immigration as the cover to milk the cow so to speak. The democrats always shoot their mouths off about one person paying for another persons health care and I wouldn't really be concerned with that as long as it's not epidemic among U.S. citizens because hospitals and medical facilities get huge tax breaks. I am really concerned about illegal immigrants and legal immigrants pouring over the border as they have been doing since Bill Clinton took office and driving up health care costs to these epidemic levels. These immigrants have to go and there are an estimated, "24 Million" of them all Mexican nationals. There is no multicultural population from all over the world, "It's All Mexican Nationals" walking across the southern border creating demand and demand drives prices through the roof!

Post by Hat In Ring on Jun 6, 2012 at 9:12pm

I've seen actual hospital bills for major treatments and beleive you me hospitals, radiology and labs charge whatever they please.

Everyone thinks these overcharges are because of illegal immigrants and this thought is true but:

"The medical profession is charging way over the acutual cost of illegal immigration".

You talk about pure greed, well, it has reached out medical industry to the point where they charge the insurance companies 15 to 20 times the cost of the treatment in a hospital. The insurance companies don't check the charges on each bill and just shortpay the hospitals and the hospital gladly accept the short payment. Theshort payment is still at a great profit over the actual cost of illegal immigrants.

The insurance compainies raise your rates and short pay the greedy hospitals knowing that the hospital is making phony charges to the patients. The insurance companies get the bill and the patient never realizes that the most of the hospital charges are phony and are just happy they had insurance to pay off the hospital. The insurance companies are making huge profits and short pay the hospitals telling the hospitals this is a collaboration and you can't have all of our profits.

The collaboration is: The insurance companies get to raise their premiums blaming the rise on rising medical costs, The hospitals get to blame the rise in medical costs on illegal immigrants that congress won't get rid of. Congressional leaders are more than likely invested some way or the other in insurance company and medical stocks either directly or through an investment broker like the "Texas Pacific Group". If congress has monitary investments in investment companies like the Texas Pacific Group they can claim they didn't have anything to do with investing in hospitals and insurance companies that are ripping off the public.