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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Say Goodbye To Your Tax Refunds If Obama Wins?

Say Goodbye To Your Tax Refunds If Obama Wins?

Read More About The "REAL PLAN" of the democrats to "END" the low wage workers tax refund check so instead of only 50% paying Taxes there will be 100% paying taxes. The democrats are not going to raise taxes, "They Are Going To Stop Refunding The Tax Money Already Being Paid To Them" using Obamacare as the tool to do this. :(

Obamacare will hurt the economy more than it
will help. Even though healthcare should be available to all U.S. citizens a balanced program has to be created to care for people that can't pay and getting health care providers compensated for their efforts to heal the uninsured. Obamacare won't do this because Obamacare does not address the reasons for high medical care costs and will force the low wage workers to payout whatever expendable income they receive through their work or tax refunds into paying for extremely high medical insurance though the government. From my own vision of Obamacare I myself am under the impression the democrats are after the "Tax Refunds" of low wage workers. Low wage workers get all their tax money paid out through the year back and they use this returned tax money to pay off bills, buy a little something extra for themselves which helps stimulate the economy.

The tax Refund stimulus money is given out based on the knowlege that low wage workers spend their tax Refunds and the spending of the tax Refunds stimulates the economy. But the spending of the tax Refunds isn't the only reason the economy is stimulated so the democrats handing out stimulus packages constantly won't work. The fact of the matter is when Obamacare is enacted it will take away that small tax Refund stimulus to the economy every year which boosts business sales and manufacturing. The working poor won't have that little extra income each year and they will have less to look forward to each year. Remember, busineses do not have to provide health care coverage. The busineses that do provide it is at the employees partial or full expense to attract quality workers. If Obamacare "
Forces" businesses to provide health care insurance for their employees we can say "GOODBYE" to small business in the U.S. and hello to more super Wal Marts corporate box chain stores. Manufacturing will keep moving to foreign countries which of coarse Obama and the democrats want to get the U.S. to "COMMUNISM". In my own opinion the democratic communists are not going to raise taxes, "THE DEMOCRATIC COMMUNISTS WILL STOP THE TAX REFUNDS", Period! to the 50% of the U.S. population that get the tax Refunds every year to fund the massive government spending plans. After Obamacare is in full play the internal revenue service will start up with the penalties for non compliance with the "You Must Have Insurance" law and the non payouts of a persons tax Refunds will begin. Remember, the penalty for non compliance is the withholding of tax money owed by the government to the tax payer. Soon after that the democrats will "Make Up" some law for some reason to end tax returns and use the communist dictator commander in chief waivers to let the non working poor off the hook so to speak and that will strenghten the government health care system and destroy most of the insurance industry. The partial destruction of the insurance industry will create outragious insurance premiums for the people that can afford insurance. The people that can afford insurance won't be able to afford it anymore and will be pushed into Obamacare. The dominos will fall into place.

Obama himself in his 2008 presidential campaign stated that defects in the medical information system was causing the extremely high healthcare costs but we all know now that this is "B.S." just to keep U.S. citizens away from the real cause of high healthcare costs which is in fact, "Illegal Immigrants" flooding the emergency rooms. Of coarse the democrats and Obama don't want U.S. citizens to know that illegal immigrants are driving up healthcare costs because the democrats, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are using the illegal and legal immigrants to build a large enough voting block to destroy the republicans and turn the U.S. to "
COMMUNISM". Obama has already started using the presidential waivers to pick and choose who gets what and when like a frick'in communist dictator commander in chief. The big kicker is that illegal aliens will still be able to use the emergency room for their health care keeping the outragious medical costs up just so the democrats can grow their voting block (Most immigrants vote democratic when they become citizens). Who will keep paying for the medical care of illegal immigrants? Of coarse, the taxpayer will pay for 50 million illegal immigrants and whomever can sneak across the border. Obamacare doesn't cover illegal immigrants but illegal immigrants can still use the emergency rooms. Who would need Obamacare if the illegal immigrants were gone and healthcare costs were affordable again? Who would need Obamacare if the hospital and corporate medical establishments were forced to quit piling on profit to feed all the stock holders who are in fact the hospital corporate executives?

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