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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Barack Obama's Communist Roots & His Hero Viadimir Lenin

Monica Crowley, a well known Fox News contributor called President Obama’s mother a communist who attended a communist church called the Little Red Church — red, apparently, being the color of communism — not a Sherwin-Williams product but an ideological one. Never mind the fact
that one of the tenets of communism is that religion should not exist. The church was just a mask for communism existing in the U.S. .The book then discusses the “fact’ that Obama was raised as a communist.

The title of Monica Crowleys new book is “
What The Bleep Just Happened” because every American has been asking that exact question since the fall of 2008 because everything under this Obama administration was just a big lie. We’ve gotten hit with some new piece of leftist madness from the big stuff to the small stuff since Obama took office.

In the 1950's during the big communist infiltration of the democratic party the East Shore Unitarian Church just outside of Seattle Washington was known as the "
Little Red Church" because of this churches communist tone. This is the church Obamas mothers went to on a regular basis and became indoctrinated into the communist party.

In "
Dreams from My Real Father", A book by Barack Obama himself, chronicles Barack Obama's life journey into communism from birth through his election to the Presidency. Barack Obama's real father like mentor was Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist Party USA propagandist who shaped Obama's world view during his formative youth years. Some state that Frank Davis Marshall was Barack Obamas replacement father since Barack Obamas real father had left his mother and returned to his native Kenya.

Barack Obama sold himself to America as the multi-cultural idealist, a man who stood above politics and we are just now finding out through Barack Obamas actions that his communist teachings are being implemented into todays society as much as possible with the aid of other like minded democrats that have inflitrated into U.S. government positions since the 1950's communist uprising.

Other smaller political partiers have allied with the democratic party to get what they feel the U.S. should be shaped into and because of their intense desire to get the social laws they want they overlook the communist idealism that has taken over the democratic party and have lost the realisiam that a capitalistic conservatism soceity is what gives the liberals the freedom of speech and liberties to seek the way of life they desire.