"Tea Party", A Spinoff Political Entity In The Republican Party Of Ross Perot's 1990's Reform Party

Monday, December 28, 2015

Hillary Clinton, "She And Bill Both Desire Relations With Women". A Politically Correct Unspoken Truth

Former mistress and current sex advice columnist Gennifer Flowers explained that Bill Clinton offered a characteristically unrefined critique of his wife’s extramarital exploits. “He said Hillary had eaten more pussy than he had,” Gennifer Flowers recalled.

The things that make us wonder what's going on in the house we cherish filled with family values. Well, what is suppose to be well hidden is slowly being shown in the limelight being cast upon it by reality. Is the clean and tidy way of the money above us being infiltrated by the wild urges that are not suppose to be in the house that we cherish to guide us to "Family Values" of cleanliness?

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The True Polling Numbers Of The Top Rated Presidential Candidates Revealed

The True Presidential Poll Numbers Above Is A "Donald Trump Rally" In A Sports Stadium With People Standing Outside Just To Be At The Stadium He Is Speaking In

The True Presidential Polling Numbers For Ted Cruz Are Sitting In This High School Auditorium With All Ted Cruz Supporters Being Able To Get Seated Inside

If you ever wondered about the truest of true polling numbers for each presidential candidate you just have to look at their "Rally Turnout" numbers and if they all can be seated inside the size of the room the rally is being held in.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Donald Trump, " Shapes U.S. Policy And Actions Just Campaigning In GOP Primary Election"

Donald Trump, "Shapes U.S. Policy Before The Republican Primaries Have Started"

Written By James Allan | 12-21-2015

Never before has a presidential candidate ever been able to shape and put into play domestic and foreign policy while running for elected office in the primary election. Donald Trump hasn't even been elected as the republican nominee for president of the U.S. and his stances on issues are being executed by domestic and foreign entities because his stances are logical, realistic and correct.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Donald Trump's Statement Concerning Vladimir Putin's And U.S. Government Death March

The Sacrifice Of U.S. Citizens By The U.S. Government

Remember, "Donald Trump Is Not A Trained Politician" with the scripted words that eventually get the trained politicians that are in and have been in control of the U.S. into office we have no desire for. Donald Trump doesn't use teleprompters and just states the unscripted truth as his supporters have come to realize is absolutely truthful. Donald Trump doesn't elaborate and you have to be able to understand reality in order to make sense of Donald Trumps words and what Donald Trump means when he is saying his words.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

1.1 Trillion Dollar Spending Package For 2016 Is Just Tax Cut Bragging Rights For GOP Rinos

This 2016 Budget Deal Is Apart Of The Rino Paul Ryans & Democrat Patti Murrays December 2013 Deal. The gang of useless 2 installs a half democrat half republican libertarian pro business and government agenda instead of a pro U.S. Citizen agenda.

You can say most of the house voted for this unread created behind closed doors "Obama Spending Bill". Only 64 true conservatives mostly Tea Party leaning house representatives voted against it. You can see most that voted against this spending package have an above 70% conservative voting record. Some with between 60% and 70% which is a questionable area.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Ted Cruz Won’t Rule Out Legalization for 11 Million illegal aliens

Ted Cruz Won’t Rule Out Legalization for 11 Million illegal aliens. Does anyone really believe that an immigrant will really remove other immigrants? Especially a Hispanic immigrant removing other Hispanic immigrants? It hasn't happened yet and there's no indications it will happen in the future.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Help Get This Message To Donald Trump

Help Stop The Massive Voter Fraud By Establishment Republicans In State Primaries That Will Bring About A Brokered Convention That Will Nullify The Vote Of  U.S. Citizens And The Will Of U.S. Citizens To Make The U.S. Great Again

True The Vote

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Reince Prebius & Business Communist Libertarians Will Force A Brokered Convention Through State Primaries

Just Remember How The Mitch McConnell And The Rinos Took Down Chris McDaniel In The 2012 Mississippi Senate Election By Purchasing The Democratic Voter Fraud Machine To Run Negative Ads And Destroy Votes 

The way the establishment republican business communist libertarians are going to create the brokered convention is to team up with the massive communist democrat voter fraud cheating machine as they did in the 2014 senate election in Mississippi to force the loss on Chris McDaniel and get Thad Cochran re-elected. Remember, the so called "Rino" establishment republicans are mostly libertarians and libertarians are "Half Republican, Half Democrat".

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Donald Trump Will Temporarily Stop The Bad To Keep U.S. Citizens Safe From Elitist Gain

Donald Trump Will Temporarily Ban The Bad That Keeps The Bad Politicians In Business

Muslims are muslims first over being patriot U.S. citizens. Muslims are patriots to the muslim faith and "Sharia Law" over being patriots to the foreign countries they are living in. The muslims enter the U.S., have children then teach them to be sharia patriots that are anti country they are born in. This is true in the case of hispanics also and has been proven time and time again.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Muslim, The Religion That's Controlled By The Sharia Law Of "Islam"

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Islam is "NOT" a religion. Islam is a "Law" of Sharia. Islam and muslim are two different buckets of crap. Muslim is a religion without islam but all are mentally ill in love with goats and praying to a god that's controlled by a "Law" administered by the sociopaths of islam.

Very few to no mental hospitals in the middle east. It's really getting bad with the mentally ill running loose and unchecked in the U.S. now that all the mentally ill are coming to the U.S. from the middle east, mexico, south America, Africa and any country that wants to save money on treating their mentally ill.  

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Donald Trump Was Correct About Muslims Celebrating On Rooftops. There's Video Proof

The video below is from a September 16, 2001 news report:

The DC Media has spent the last two weeks attempting to destroy Donald Trump with lies. Outright lies, and they are doing so in order to protect a 14 year-old cover up. Not only have eyewitnesses and contemporaneous reports proven Donald Trump 100% correct about Muslims celebrating 9/11,  a just-uncovered  local CBS News (WCBS-TV in New York) report completely vindicates Trump’s claim of “thousands and thousands” of Muslims celebrating the fall of the World Trade Center.

Christians/Catholics Die Celebrating Jesus And Muslims Celebrate

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"ALERT" Muslims Hate Christians/Catholics And Your Dogs. Muslim Women/Men Attack Christmas Party Celebrating "JESUS" Birthday And Kill The Celebrating. Muslims Celebrate Now. Muslims Want Your Dogs Dead Also Along With Catholics And Christians. 

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