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Monday, December 14, 2015

Ted Cruz Won’t Rule Out Legalization for 11 Million illegal aliens

Ted Cruz Won’t Rule Out Legalization for 11 Million illegal aliens. Does anyone really believe that an immigrant will really remove other immigrants? Especially a Hispanic immigrant removing other Hispanic immigrants? It hasn't happened yet and there's no indications it will happen in the future.

Ted Cruz preaches "Tea Party" talk but always stays away from the expulsion of illegal aliens. Ted Cruz talks border security and criminal illegal aliens big time but "NEVER" talks expulsion of illegal aliens. I've watched Ted Cruz for years now and he does in fact swing towards the libertarian rino ideology if you look past the hot air that blows through his lips and into his actions and the sneaky ways of the communist business libertarians. The libertarians of coarse are trying to get votes so they can install one of their own into the presidency so it's without a doubt that most of what they are preaching will be lies to swing the vote towards Ted Cruz and amnesty. Ted Cruz will "NOT" come out against the full removal of illegal aliens that should not be in the U.S. and this alone makes him an opposition candidate to the "Tea Party".

This B.S. coming from the establishment republicans about "Legalization Of Illegal Aliens" not being amnesty "IS AMNESTY" and any candidate that follows this establishement republican stance is, "Establishment Republican". You can't get rid of the establishment republicans if you vote in an establishment republican. It's the words that are not coming out of the mouth of Ted Cruz that should make a person tremble at the thought of Ted Cruz becoming president. You cannot preach conservatism without preaching the removal of "All" illegal aliens.

Ted Cruz is not a so called, "Outsider" candidate. Ted Cruz is establishment republican that preaches conservatism in a way that gets him the conservative vote without him having to voice his "Real Stances On The Issues" that will drive votes away from him.

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