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Monday, December 4, 2017

The Illegal Alien "jose inez garcia zarate" Is Not Guilty Of Kate Steinle's Death By A Communist Democrat Court Because

Written By James Allan | 12-4-2017

The illegal alien is not guilty of killing Kate Steinle by a San Francisco Court because:

1. He was in possession of a firearm that he had stolen from a federal land management agent.

2. The pistol he stole had accidental discharge safety features built into it so if the gun was bumped or dropped it would not go off. Also the land management agent that left the gun in his vehicle I would expect would have had the gun in its holster with the safety on. The only way that gun could have discharged would be if the safety was turned off and a persons finger was inside the trigger guard applying the 10 lbs of pressure it takes to fire a bullet.

3. The stolen gun that was in possession of the illegal alien wasn't turned over to the police like it should have been and was kept by the illegal alien so he could claim a victim with it.

4. The judge, jury and public defender didn't see the killing of an innocent young white woman by an illegal alien with a stolen firearm and several felony convictions as relevant to their case of a firearm being within the city limits of San Francisco.

5. Getting to communist values and resistance against Donald Trumps election are more important than the many lives illegal aliens claim each year.

6. The fault for Kate Steinley's death is with the Land Management agent that left the gun in his vehicle giving the illegal alien the opportunity to steal it and kill her with it.

7. Most illegal aliens whom crossed the border illegally and overstayed their visas, get welfare illegally, are involved in thousands upon thousands of theft, fraud, burglary and shop lifting crimes each year, obtain fake identification and SSI numbers, peddle drugs, protect hispanic gang members by not coming forward and testifying against the crimes they commit, steal from garage sales, charge up credit cards and increase their debt then change to another phony name with fake ID, commit crimes against other illegal aliens are "Good Law Abiding People That Contribute To The United States".

8. This illegal alien after he fired the shot from a gun that was concealed by a cloth tossed the weapon in the water to hide the evidence since nobody would have seen the gun in his hand because the gun was covered with a cloth.

After I analyzed what I heard on television news reports I came to a possible conclusion that this illegal alien  "jose inez garcia zarate" was the person whom stole the gun out of the federal agents vehicle where he eventually ended up at the pier and decided to shoot anyone happy to satisfy his anger for his failed life.

This illegal alien said he was shooting "Sea Lions" which is a serious offense in itself and didn't anger the liberal animal rights activists who keep voting for communist democrat politicians that let illegal aliens reside in the city to shoot "Sea Lions" and other animals.

What the killing of Kate Steinle looks like in reality is an "Execution" based on the fact that this jose illegal alien garcia stated he was shooting at "Sea Lions" which means he did not find the gun under the bench and fired the weapon at another location. The gun he had was "Concealed In A Cloth" and I remember "Gangsters" used to put the gun in their hands ready to be fired then cover the gun that is in their hand with a coat or newspaper to conceal it as they walked calmly up to the target for the kill.

This illegal alien "jose inez garcia zarate" carried the gun he had stolen around the San Francisco most likely looking for a target to satisfy his jealousy of others being well off and found his target at the pier. He had the Sig Sauer covered in a cloth as he stated so it would be concealed and others near the pier would not sound an alarm. He raised the gun under the cloth and pulled the trigger in the direction of Kate Steinle. It could have been that Kate Steinle's father was the real target of his unhappiness but that will never be known. This illegal alien that was disgruntled at his own failed life just decided to take the happiness out of someone else's life and he succeeded at doing so beating any kind of murder charge to boot with the help of the communist democrat liberal San Francisco elected officials.

In any case if anyone has any firearm stolen, found or purchased and it discharges accidentally or intentionally and wounds or kills anyone the person whom has the discharged firearm in his or her possession is guilty of some form of murder or manslaughter charge.

The "Sig Sauer" that was stolen from the land management agent's vehicle I would speculate would have been holstered with the safety on and not just laying out on the front or back seat. San Francisco has the highest rate of  "Car Burglary's" in the United States and that is a fact. It would be hard to sell the gun but the holster could have been sold quickly for a couple of dollars. The "Sig Sauer" that was used to kill Kate Steinle was a 40 Caliber weapon.

Maybe it's time to look at some of the other killings in and around San Francisco that are solved and unsolved suspected to be caused by illegal alien activity.

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