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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A Speculative Look At The Communist Democrats And The Libertarian Republican Collaboration To Take Down Donald Trump

The Third Party Is Not Outside But Instead Inside

I entered into this article 4 other articles under the lable, "Also Read". 1 of the articles is another speculative article I wrote about how the russians are building the exact same military aircraft the U.S. has developed. If you have the time please take a look at these extension articles to form your own opinion. 
Some libertarians did vote for Donald Trump but they are libertarians that have been fooled by their libertarian leadership and are unaware that the libertarian party is a "Different Beast". Most libertarians that did not vote for Donald Trump voted for the libertarian, "Ted Cruz". Yes, Ted Cruz is on the libertarian side and was endorsed by Ron Paul over Ron Paul's son Rand Paul. Ron Paul stated Ted Cruz was more libertarian than his son. 
Written By James Allan | 11-22-2017

I was watching the History Channel program on the "Zodiac Killer" whom was never caught and a segment was done about how Barack Obama's "Director Of National Intelligence" from 8-2010 to 1-2017 and Edward Snowden worked at the consulting firm "Booz Allen Hamilton" which is a government intelligence contractor. With all the lying that James Clapper has done and the theft of information and traitorous actions done by Edward Snowden my curiosity and speculative nature was flared to take a look at this connection between the two because it fits right in with Hillary Clinton and the Clinton foundation escapades. The James Comey FBI scandal who is always said to be a republican also slides into the hole of corruption that was ongoing during the Barack Obama administration. James Comey is said to be a republican but it's now known he's a libertarian republican with a democrat party side.

This article takes a look at the now known "Rino" interaction with the democrat party with a magnifying glass on James Clapper and Edward Snowden. What's not realized at this time by most people is the rino libertarian republicans have a "Freedom Caucus" in the House of Representatives that's both republican and democrat. Most people think that the "Freedom Caucus" is republican but that's not the case. The "Freedom Caucus" votes mainly with the republican party because they are at odds with their large government democrat side and support a small government controlled by business. Business communism is what the House "Freedom Caucus" is all about.

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Edward Snowden worked for the CIA starting in 2006 and is a big time libertarian who supported Ron Paul in 2008 and Rand Paul in 2016. Everyone is under the impression at the time of Edward Snowden's treasonous act that it was the liberal democrats celebrating in favor of what he did but the fact of the matter is it was the libertarian republican supporters that came out in droves to support and rally for Edward Snowden to be let off the hook. Snowden was assigned to work at "Booz Allen Hamilton" a government contractor in March of 2012 as James Clapper went to work for Obama. Snowden stated the reason for his breaking point was when he heard James Clapper lie to Congress but in speculation this actually could be another cover for the beginning act of the Obama administration selling classified and top secret information to the russians as is now coming out in the "Uranium One" investigation. The cover up of tracks started at the time of the acts. Anyone can lie to Congress without penalty. Congress can subpoena anybody but they can't penalize them.

James Clapper worked for several private intelligence agencies that are of course government contractors and one of them was Booz Allen Hamilton until 2006 until he went to work for the libertarian republican presidential administration of George W. Bush and again for Barack Obama in 2011. James Clapper had a cohort Mike McConnell at Booz Allen Hamilton who rose to an executive position after James Clapper went to work for the Bush Administration in 2006. After 2012 when James Clapper went to work for Barack Obama all kinds of intelligence leaks were happening at Booz Allen Hamilton including Edward Snowden after James Clapper's cohort Mike McConnell was promoted to "Vice Chairman" in 2011.

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It's already known that the now "Uranium One" russian scandal was a money grab by the Clinton's but what hasn't made a connection is the 143 billion dollars the Clinton's received from the russians for Uranium One and the information leaks out of "Booz Allen Hamilton".  Was Uranium One just a cover up for what was really purchased? Was the information Eric Snowden gave to the russians the "Real Purchase"? Did James Clapper play a role with Edward Snowden to deliver classified and Top Secret U.S. intelligence to the russians for "Cash"? This speculation has to be looked at to find out how much damage was done to the United States under Barack Obama's presidency.

It's already been speculated that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama "Sold" United States military technology to the russians and chinese. Bill Clinton did indeed and proven give away U.S. aircraft technology to the chinese. Now it's know the russians are developing the same exact military aircraft the U.S. has and military battlefield targeting system.

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The U.S. F-22 Raptor The Russian Military Is Copying From Bill Clinton's Treason

As I stated this article is just an educated speculation and another speculation is why the new AG Jeff Sessions isn't jumping into investigations that the pubic can sink their teeth into at a very accelerated speed. Maybe Jeff Sessions found out after he was appointed that this corruption was more than he can handle? Sure, most investigations are kept quite while they are in progress but finding out your going to have to toss two ex presidents and a recent presidential candidate in jail for "Treason Against The United States" is much more than Jess Sessions wants to chew on.

Could this be proof the libertarian republicans were working with the democrat party and Jeff Sessions is now walking around with a pile of Doo in his pants from disbelief of this? Is this the reason the democrats are working hard to get rid of the non libertarian "Tea Party Conservatives" who made the Donald Trump presidency a reality? The Bush family of degenerate presidents have already publicly stated in the media that they despise Donald Trump and his supporters which is support for the democrat party. It's well known the libertarian republicans and communist democrats are pushing for open borders and amnesty.

Globalization seems to be the root attachment between the less government libertarian republicans and the big communist democrats whose main fight between each other is if the U.S. should be "Government Communism" or "Business Communism". Us Donald Trump supporters are just a nuisance that need to be dealt with harshly.

As all this information comes to light a lot of speculation and opinions can be drawn as to what is the reality. The only known reality right now is "Somebodies Got To Go To Jail" as the people that lost their incomes, homes and livelihoods have been overrun by 43 million immigrants the libertarian republicans use for cheap labor and the communist democrats use for votes.

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It's the libertarian Senators, John Mccain, Lisa Murkowski, Jeff Flake, Susan Collins (democrat), Ron Johnson, Bob Corker and Rand Paul that are all taking turns now at killing all legislation to fix the U.S. economy and other economic issues under the Donald Trump presidency that doesn't involve "Globalization". It appears they are taking turns at no votes on major legislation to keep minimal damage from happening to the libertarian movement in the 2018 midterm election.

The problem these rinos face right now is they voted down the healthcare fix and if they take down tax reform for any reason they will be executed in the 2018 midterm election. Most of these libertarians are sacrificing themselves taking turns at "No Votes" saying they are not going to run again in the 2018 midterms. You can best believe that in the 2018 midterms these libertarians do have their replacement candidates in place to keep libertarian bodies in the Senate. I'm under the impression that the libertarians will try and stop the removal of the 43 million immigrants in the U.S. right now. These libertarians will support Donald Trumps "Merit Immigration" and "The Wall" but when it comes to the removal of the already here immigrants the "Freedom Caucus" will take their turn and put in many "No Votes".

Beware in the midterms. These libertarian replacement candidates will run on a pro U.S. Citizen agenda and when they get elected they will govern as libertarians supporting business and amnesty.

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