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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Corporation Business Vs Corporate Executive Incomes And Their Taxes

If We Tax, Lets Tax The Corporate Executive Stock Profits In The Businesses They Run And Not The Corporate Businesses That Create Jobs. Us Republicans Would Like A Piece Of This Pie Too, "Just Not Through Democrat Communism Or Libertarian Republican Ideology".

Business Executives That Own Stock In The Businesses They Run Can Be Seen As, "Insider Trading".

Written By James Allan | 12-16-2017

Everyone is saying this new 2017 tax plan belongs to Donald Trump and as leader of the new Republican Party he certainly has to put it on his plate. The fact of the matter is this new 2017 tax plan is arranged and written up by the republican side of congress. Donald Trump has some of what he requested in it but it's mostly a congressional plan of both houses.

It seems like a large number of U.S. Citizens are under the impression that this tax plan will "Raise" taxes and put more money in the pockets of the rich but this narrative is strictly a communist democrat push to make people believe the tax plan will be destructive. This tax plan in reality will lower taxes to the working class U.S. Citizens and keep the personal taxes on corporate executives about the same with only a 1% drop.

There is a difference between "Corporate Business" and "Corporate Executive" incomes. Corporate Business taxes will be lowered drastically and these tax savings do not belong or go to corporate executives. The tax savings the Corporate Business gets goes into buying new machinery, hiring new employees, increasing stock holder payouts and expanding business interests.

Corporate Executives get a salary from the Corporate Business and this salary usually runs on avg. about $300,000 a year. The Corporate Business executives make their yearly millions through purchasing huge amounts of stock in the company they run along with stock they own outside the businesses they run. The stock they own in the business they do run always becomes a tool for them to bleed the business of every dollar they can get. 

It's the stock market and the manipulation of business in the U.S. that creates these hollyier than thou business executives and 1% percenter's whom screw over U.S. Citizens with millions upon millions of illegal aliens and communist democrat ideology that kills small business in an effort to push all consumer spending to the corporations and businesses they own stock in or have a heavy financial investments in.

If their is going to be a big push against these wealthy business executives that will never voluntarily advance the paychecks of U.S. Citizens in low paying jobs then the attack should be against the stock market shares owned by business executives in the corporations they run and only in a way that doesn't hurt retirement and health care stock funds. Lots of retirement investments in the stock market and this is what these Corporate executives play off of. The fact is that they can gain ungodly wealth because nobody wants to hurt small investors, retirement and health care funds.

What I'm going to speak of next is just speculative to spur the juices of thought towards an attack on business executive stock profits from the businesses they run. "TAX THE STOCK PROFITS THAT CORPORATE EXECS GET AT 90% WHILE THEY ARE RUNNING A BUSINESS". Any business that produces stock either public or preferred should have executive ownership of these stocks in the businesses they run taxed at 90%. Executive bonuses should also be taxed at an extremely high rate. These high tax rates should also apply to the "Board Of Directors" and anyone that makes decisions inside the businesses. No way, No how will business ever run the United States and politicians that own stock in businesses they run should be taxed at a high rate also. It would be a trick to get congress to install high stock market tax rates on themselves but with a public push it could happen.

You could say that a business executive who owns stock in the business he/she runs is "Insider Trading" since the business executives know before hand when to buy and sell their stocks over what the public knows. Many of business executives have been jailed for selling stock based of beforehand knowledge. The latest were the 3 Equifax executives that sold their stock in the company they ran before news of a hack into their computer system was revealed to the public.

Three Equifax Managers Sold Stock Before Cyber Hack Revealed To The Public    

Just create tax law that puts stock profits into categories of tax rates and leave a special carve out for retirement and medical stock profits. Individual U.S. Citizen carve outs can be created also for small stock market investments. Categories can be made for each of these carve outs so no harm will be advanced onto the small household investor. Corporate Executive stock profits are what we are out to kill and if the executives get it taken away maybe they will quit buying up stock in the businesses they run and the cash will go to employee wages instead of into the executive pockets.

Corporate executives owning huge amounts of stock in the businesses they run and then driving up consumer prices and installing cheap immigrant labor to fuel their stock market returns should be a crime! Any business executive that doesn't outright own the business should have some kind of restrictions put on their stock ownership while running the business along with all the executives. If no law can be made then tax the corporate executive at 90% of their stock profits while they are running the business. If they get caught making deals with other corporate executives to buy each others stock and manipulating the economy to drive business to each others businesses then it's, "Jail Time".

Leave corporate businesses alone because they are not the real problem. The real problem is these business executives buying up stock and investing in the businesses they run then trying to steer consumers to their businesses by crushing new businesses. Then they hire cheap immigrant labor that saves the businesses money to put towards their stock profits that feed the stock investment incomes. 

Republicans don't want business running the United States. It's only the corrupt libertarian republicans that are out to let business run the United States and this is why there are over 43 million cheap labor immigrants in the United States at this time pushing U.S. Citizens out of job opportunities and wage advancement. Not our fault that all these immigrants let their governments destroy their countries and keep them in poverty. U.S. Citizens have all they can do to stop the communist democrats and libertarian republicans from putting us in poverty and keeping us there. 

Really, I'm a non libertarian, "Tea Party Republican" Donald Trump supporter and if a stiff and heavy tax were placed on the stock profits of these corporate executives while they are running any business I could only laugh. Corporate profits wouldn't be going into the pockets of "One Man" and heavy bonuses to all the executives would be taxed at 90% also. The stock payouts to personal retirement and health care stocks would rise along with plenty of cash to give employee's raises. Removing cheap labor immigrants would drive up employee wages also by creating a demand for employees. 

Donald Trump did not make his money from the stock market although he most likely has a small portfolio. Donald Trump made his billions the old fashion way, buying and selling. He also started several businesses he owns privately. It's when businesses turn into corporations and start selling stock that creates the huge movement of cash into the pockets one "One Man". 

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