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Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Democrat Ruse To Keep People Thinking They Are Still In A Leadership Position As Their Corruption Is Exposed


General Flynn, "A Democrat That Turned On The Democrat Party" If  You Are Under The Impression The Democrats Are Going To Let This Go Quietly You Are In Another Dimension. "Killing Two Birds With One Stone" Is Not Just A Tea Party Thing

Written By James Allan | 5-11-2017

I've been listening to this B.S. about Russia for months as everyone else has. I've come to the conclusion that this exploded issue by the democrats is just to, "Make The Democrats Look Like They Are Still In A Leadership Position". Yes, what you as an informed voter have to look at is if the democrats didn't have anything to "charge at", would they fade away as all of their bad communist intentions floated to the surface after 8 years of being in power under Barack Obama.

The democrats are charging at the Russians for interfering with U.S. elections but the problem with that is the Russians have always tried to interfere with U.S. elections and elections in all countries around the world every since people started traveling from one nation to another. The democrats are saying Donald Trumps election campaign was saddled up with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton's election bid which is completely false.

The democrats created the fact that the Trump nominee for a cabinet position General Flynn was colluding with the Russians and is a "Secret Russian Spy" but this false too. General Flynn worked in "U.S. Government Intelligence" for most of his military career and was a prime gatherer of speculative information for the U.S. Government through face to face contacts with Russian leaders.

General Flynn, a democrat was hired by Barack Obama and worked for him from  July 24, 2012 – August 7, 2014  as the "Director Of The Defense Intelligence Agency" which involved "Surveillance And Reconnaissance". It was under Barack Obama's watch in 2011 that Michael Flynn was promoted to Lieutenant General. It was said in a leaked email by Colin Powell the republican rino democrat that General Flynn was fired because of "Bad Management" but everyone already knows that General Flynn turned on Barack Obama because Barack Obama wanted the false narrative that Al Qaeda was gone and General Flynn wasn't going to lie to U.S. Citizens.

It was after this blowout about Al Qaeda with Barack Obama that General Flynn switched from a democrat to a republican.

General Flynn got himself in trouble by taking money from the Russians for a speech about world affairs in December 2015 and did not join the Trump campaign until February 2016. In July 2016 General Flynn spoke for "ACT! For America" a conservative U.S. political group in Turkey and was paid to do so. These two speeches are what's getting General Flynn in trouble because he did not report these incomes in his declaration papers when Donald Trump appointed General Flynn as "National Security Adviser (NSA)". There also is a passage in the U.S. Constitution that outlines all high ranking military personal are suppose to get permission from the U.S. military before they accept payments from foreign sources. General Flynn was suppose to register himself as a "Foreign Agent" to do these speeches but he never did.

It's not that the foreigners that General Flynn accepted payment from were foreign governments or personal of foreign governments but only that the people who paid General Flynn had ties to the foreign governments in the countries the speeches were given in. In actuality the Russian speeches were paid for by a Russian Television station referred to as "RT". This RT television station is privately owned but of course the RT television station has the heavy foot of the Russian government on the people running the television station. It's like news reporters, "If You Don't Write What The Russian Government Wants You Will Disappear".

The second incident of General Flynn accepting money from foreigners was for a speech he gave for the U.S. political entity, "ACT!, For America". The speech was given for a Turkish pro american group through "ACT!, For America". This Turkish group isn't the Turkish government but it's said this Turkish group has ties to the Turkish government.

General Flynn's only mistake was that he did not know about the clause in the U.S. Constitution that states he has to get permission to operate in foreign countries after he obtained significant military rank and he did not disclose his earning from foreign sources on his White House disclosure papers. Maybe none of General Flynn's democrat buddies told him that he had to register as a "Foreign Agent" with the military before he gave the speeches. Of course he should have know this but he didn't and nobody told him.

The Obama White House was heavily involved with Russia also until Hillary Clinton pissed off the Russians in or around the 2014 Olympic games held in Russia. Somewhere in the time period between the famous Hillary Clinton Russian reset button and the Olympic games Hillary Clinton really pissed off the Russians and set them against Obama and the U.S. democrats. Most likely Hillary Clinton tried to pursued the Russians to accept "Globalization", "Homosexuality" and "Mass Immigration" through some kind of force and the Russians said "No Way" and decided to shit all over Hillary Clinton and Obama by invading the Crimea. Then the Russians got heavily into pushing back against the U.S. democrats in Syria.

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The problem is that the democrats were well established into heavy surveillance or "Spying" on U.S. Citizens and this is a fact that has been proven over and over again. Is anybody going to tell me that the democrats didn't know that General Flynn was giving speeches in foreign countries especially after General Flynn the then democrat turned on Obama? Doesn't add up because it's already known that the democrats save peoples dirty little secrets and blunders to use at a later date to control everyone and dominate them like they planted an open mic on their NBC bus and got Donald Trump to talk about how he can grab the ladies who like to be grabbed by rich men.

The point of this article is to let readers know that the democrats save unsavory information on people to use against them when they want to destroy an opponent. This seems to be the case with the Russian controversy and Donald Trumps campaign. After the debacle of when General Flynn got into the battle with Obama while working for him and then retired, "No Main Stream Media Reported General Flynn Was Giving Speeches In Foreign Countries" or I just missed the reports.

This to me along with all the other info I know about the democrat tactics clearly says, "The Democrats Saved The General Flynn Foreign Speeches Mess Ups" for when they could use the saved information against General Flynn. And now the democrats are creating a narrative about Donald Trump colluding with the Russians against Hillary Clinton through the General Flynn blunders. Sure, Donald Trump walked right into this one with General Flynn who is a military intelligence expert whom wants to attack Obama.

Got to slow down a little from here on in "President Donald Trump". It would have been sweet to get an Obama insider like General Flynn to do some intelligence work on Obama and Clinton corruption in the Pentagon. This is twice the democrats haved saved dirty information and gotten you "President Donald Trump".

This collusion scandal with the Russians is all "Made Up" by the democrat party to keep them in a position of looking like they are still in command. If the democrats could not come up with some kind of scandal they would have to sit in the dark as the republican party downed them in their own snowflake tears as the democrat corruption is exposed. The democrats can't let the walls close in and crush them as they stand silent so they have to make up something until the Republicans do something really dumb. Well, the democrats can take some dumb little thing the republicans do and turn it into a "Hullabaloo Issue" and they will.

Define hullabaloo: a very noisy and confused situation

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