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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Are The Republicans Going To Lose An Opportunity On Healthcare To Acquire Trust And Votes


Lets Make The Republican Party The Party That Gets U.S. Citizens To Health And Not The Party Of Libertarian Rejection Of Those That Can't Pay Because Of Libertarian Republican Globalist Ideology. 

A New Republican Party Under Donald Trump Is Emerging That Rejects Its Past Failures

Written By James Allan | 5-6-2017

The problem with Rand Paul is, "He Is A Libertarian Globalist That Supports Open Borders And Amnesty" which keeps people poor, Then he wants to cut off government medical aid to U.S. Citizens that are being made poor by all his globalist illegal immigrants. Rand Paul and his hoard of globalist libertarian rino republicans want to dump the working poor and the poor that they themselves help create back into the world of healthcare struggle and this is unacceptable.

Many think unrestricted immigration came from the democrat party but the fact of the matter is the libertarians (RINOS) in the congressional republican party supported the democrats on endless immigration as long they didn't get the stick up their butts from us for doing so. The libertarian rinos tried to hide their support for this massive immigration into the U.S. as much as possible. Now the "Rino" thing arose and we know exactly who the rinos are as a group. You may hear in the media even on Fox News that the moderate republicans are the problem but that's only factual in the sense that the moderate republicans see what I'm seeing with healthcare and are fighting the "libertarian rino republican" scourge that has embedded itself in our ranks.

It's to late to change back to a "No" government assisted healthcare system. When you let to much immigrant poverty in you get massive poverty. Now the U.S. is filled with struggling people at the point of struggling whom will vote in the "Democrats" again if the republicans don't provide some form of government assisted healthcare for at least the poor and working poor up to a certain income. This is what the democrats set up in the U.S. economy and the libertarian republicans assisted in doing.

The republicans have a chance to pull in a sizable voting block from the democrats. If the republicans follow Rand Paul and his gaggle of libertarian Rinos in congress the "Democrats Win". This is an historic chance for the republican party to turn extremely bad decisions they made over the decades into a positive that will put them in the hearts of most U.S. Citizens through future decades.

Some are complaining that remnants of obamacare will remain but that's untrue. The remnants of obamacare will be changed into a "Capitalistic Free Market" healthcare system that provides government assisted healthcare for the working poor and poor. It's going to have to happen and if the republicans do not create the government assisted model now in a free market system they will lose votes in the future letting the democrats back into power to do the obamacare dance all over again. It's just absolutely dumb ignorant republicans that do not take advantage of a "Bad Situation" and turn into a positive that will last for generations.

Sure, once you give an entitlement of any kind you most likely will never be able to retract it but the facts are again, "The Damage Has Already Been Done" through decades of the republicans letting the democrats build away from a complete free market economic system with the massive amounts of immigrants that were let into the U.S. to fuel the demand by business for cheap labor and letting 70,000 U.S. factory's move out of the U.S. to cheap labor foreign countries.

Article: 70,000 Factories Leave U.S.

There's millions of republicans that want to stay in a free market system with a government healthcare system for the working poor and poor. People that make it in the free market system also fail in the free market system after they make it. Not to many people that need financial help with their medical care want to go and sit and be seen in the state run welfare offices with all the misguided democrat personalities that made themselves victims of society. Many poor and working poor republicans would like to get into a government assisted healthcare plan so they don't have to go through a state run liberal welfare office filled with immigrants that shouldn't be here and poor self made democrat victims of the wealthy democrats.

The republicans have a rare opportunity to take many decades of their bad decisions and create something positive out of it. The bad government run healthcare has already been presented and has overwhelming support in the democrat party and within many circles of the republican party. The question is will the republicans miss an opportunity to build some government run healthcare into the "Free Market System" and acquire some good will and blocks of votes from the democrat party or will they go with Rand Paul and the libertarian republicans and kill any kind of government run healthcare that will turn people away from the republican party and put the democrats back in power to remake the full government run communist obamacare and get it installed permanently?  

We all know elected republican leadership gets stupid and never fights. The democrats know this too and depend on exlax republicans.

These globalist libertarian republicans call themselves "Conservatives" but they are in reality false conservatives. These false conservatives start preaching, "Legalization Of Illegal Aliens" and then they cry and whine about non libertarian moderate republicans moving to far to the left?

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