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Friday, November 13, 2015

No Visa's Needed From Muslims To Come To U.S. From Europe

Yes it's true! The death of the middle east has already arrived in the U.S. as known by the downing of the World Trade center. They are already here and being trained as seen by the "Clock Boy" experimenting with electronics brought to school in cases without any reason. California's vandalism of it's power grid also shows the the threat is present. Airliners in the U.S. targeted by thousands of laser lights are happy jihadists practicing their craft of what's to come.

What's not well know is Europe is the ease of the attack because of liberal and libertarian logic. Europe has no "Borders" at all. The liberal and libertarian European Union destroyed all borders between their countries and European continent. Millions of the enemy already have safe zones in European cities police never enter filled with people awaiting the call to act and spread death upon those liberal and libertarian persons that are giving the jihadists everything they need to rise up and kill all the people of joy that let them walk upon their safe protected soil.

The U.S. has a problem with millions of jihadists and Mexican nationals in the soil U.S. citizens walk on. A government that's suppose to protect U.S. citizens is reversed and putting U.S. citizens on the road to harm and destruction. U.S. citizens were lied to by other U.S. citizens that are anti U.S. communists, liberals that want to give their protected space to persons that will put them in poverty and libertarians that have some notion that failed hoards of people will increase economic prosperity for their business communism.

The jist of the jihadist's is to do to the U.S. as they have successfully did to Europe though liberal and libertarian logic. They are already in the U.S. with mosques spreading from state to state under the guise of a religion that in reality is not a region but in fact a "Law".

Are we going to let what the liberals and libertarians do to Europe with their wanting of "Free" stuff paid for by the lucky in life? Massive unchecked immigration destroys. Good or Bad unchecked immigration always becomes "Bad". Keeping the good and bad immigrants through the tugging on heartstrings of splitting up families?

It's absolutely insane not to deport the whole family together so why haven't our elected liberal and libertarian governments been doing this now and in the past? Is the reason for not deporting the whole family together another trick on the public to be satisfied by deporting only one and keeping the rest for labor or whatever? Housekeepers and the "Government Welfare Giant" is more important than the health of the U.S. as a nation just so our soon to be communist and business communist government can control what's going on in society?  I've always believed the U.S. government has it's control points for social issues. The only problem is these control points are not being use for the better but instead for the worst. Feeding the muslims, jihadists and illegal aliens that are going to take our jobs, cash and  kill us isn't the proper use of control points.

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