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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Blame It On Bush And Do The Opposite As You Preach Racism And Poverty

You have to ask yourself, "What's Going Through The Minds Of The Sociopath Brain?" and "How Did This Person Get Elected To Keep Us Safe?". The answer is clear if you look beyond what you think you know and have been fed and into what the sociopath doesn't want you to know. Sociopath's are not all dumb and can get well educated. Not all sociopaths murder but produce murderers. Sociopath's that don't murder have no emotion for those who are murdered and relish the deeds of those who do. A government that is controlled by persons without emotions for others is always a government of communists. You just have to look around the world and compare countries in Asia, South America, Africa, Central America and Mexico to find sociopath governments where people with normal emotions let themselves be dominated by the mental illness of others that have very little to no emotions.

The governments of Europe are increasingly becoming dominated by mental illness as huge populations of overaggressive sociopath's demand "Feebies" and use the poor and race relations as control points. No borders and no control over who walks into the citizens protected areas means the safe zone has an enemy within. You can see this in the U.S. clearly as black on black crime rages out of control and the left wing democratic sociopath's focus on "Freebies" and control for themselves as the solution that has never worked. They preach help for others but in reality they are demanding a pathway to the easy life of control and wealth for themselves. The left wing progressive communist democrats state, "Hey, if we preach hardships and poverty for blacks and illegal aliens we can gain control and wealth for ourselves". Of coarse as long as the people that truly have hardships and are in poverty keep sucking up the "Hope" the left wing progressive communist democrats will keep feeding it. 

You just have to look at the poor impoverished nations of the world to see the road the left wing progressive communist democrats want you on. Governments that do for themselves and only toss its citizens a bone now and again to keep the population quite as in Europe is "Not" a government that's wanted.

The easiest way to tell if a country has a government that is corrupt and mentally ill is to look at:

* The output of preaching of more wealth and care for it's citizens and nothing ever happens. They toss a bone to the population once in a while to keep the hoards suppressed.

* Politicians and Business executives backing plans for taxation and profits that keep cash flow to citizens at a minimum.

* The flooding of countries with immigrants or countries that are pushing its citizens to migrate to other countries that lowers the countries cost of taking care of its citizens.

* If a country isn't creating business from within and of their own to create products and jobs needed for its citizens and relies on foreign countries of wealth to create factories and business you in fact have a government that's not wanted as in China and Mexico using U.S. manufactures to boost there economies.

* The U.S. government for example is starting to rely on foreign business to boost the U.S. economy and that's really, really bad. It's a vicious circle of dumb mentally ill politicians and business executives of wealth that are of self and mentally disturbed.

Citizens of all countries create wealth for themselves and not business or government. When there are no or very little paths to a citizens chances of gaining wealth for themselves if they get educated and want to work you have a bad sociopath government of self.

The only way any future globalization can happen without a communist UN dictatorship of corruption that takes away the freedoms of all is to raise the wealth and prosperity of a countries people from within their countries through self reliance of each individual country where the mentally sound citizens have the wealth and control the countries destiny with the citizens freedoms intact while keeping the sociopath communist dictators mentality suppressed. Most of the third world and communist countries have the opposite where the sociopath communist dictators suppress the mentally sound citizens through force, brutality ad poverty. A global government will "Not" correct the poverty of the world but in fact create it.

The people of other countries have to get governments that grow their citizens wealth through the freedom, self reliance and the never ending attacks on crime, corruption and communism. Then and only then can countries merge if they chose to do so by the will of the countries prosperous people and "Not" the governments. 


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