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Friday, September 25, 2015

U.S Citizens Need To Push A Law That Doesn't Allow Any Immigrants To Own Dogs or Pets

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U.S Citizens Need To Push A Law That Doesn't Allow Any Immigrants To Own Dogs or PetsI've been hearing alot of news stories about animal shelters being overun with abandoned pets and these pets are mainly dogs. 100 dogs a day animal shelters receive and most have to be put to sleep.

I did some limited research on this and in Alabama government pet shelters cannot accept dogs without proof of legal residency. Hundreds of dogs are

roaming the streets surviving off of natural resouces but during the winter these natural resources dry up and the dogs starve to death.

A San Francisco shelter is being overun with abandoned dogs and I don't know yet if they have the same laws as Alabama concerning pet acceptance. The San Francisco government shelters are trying to pay homeless people $300 a month to take care of a puppy which is absolutely great. I am guessing the adults are being put to sleep. San Francisco is a santurary city for illegals and their are probably thousands upon thousands of illegals that got home loans and are losing their homes now due to our (not theirs) bad economy.

I myself am going to suggest around the web that laws should be created to ban legal and illegal immigrants from owning or possessing any kind of pet due to the fact that the pets they have will have to be put to sleep when they leave the US and they definitely will be leaving sooner or later unless they have gone through the legal process of citizenship when they arrived here.

Hopefully others that read this will feel the same way. The mass slaughter of dogs due to illegals that shouldn't have been allowed here in the first place is a frick'in sad story.

Legal or Illegal immigrant in possesion of a pet should be deported "ON THE SPOT" without question.

Anybody that can contact Jan Brewer the Arizona Governor should put this before her to be introduced as law. I bet ya that their will be thousands of dogs running loose on the streets after the law is introduced. Pet shelters should be given boat loads of donations before it happens to take care of the loose dogs. Loose dogs would go running home to their owners and law inforcement would just have to follow all the dogs to find out who's illegal. hehehehehehe!

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