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Friday, September 25, 2015

Machinery Has Replaced Labor & More Immigrants Mean Proverty

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This bolony about more people create more jobs and earnings is B.S. and is taught by Libertarians and democrats. This type of thought was true way back when before the 1950's but now with todays manufacturing technology this thought does not
hold true and the thought about more people create more economic activity only creates "Poverty" and is backwards thinking. The only people that gain from an increased population are the people called the "U.S. Treasury" and businesses label as "Corporations". U.S. private citizens go bust because not enough jobs are being created when one manufacturer can easily increase production through super fast machinery to meet any demand. Machinery can service millions of people and only need a handful of people to operate the machinery.The service industry is swamped with illegal immigrants that are training grounds for U.S. citizen youth looking to get into the work force for the first time or use these low wage jobs as a get over until they can find reasonable employment. These low wage jobs lead to new business startups in the hospitality and service industry and if people look hard enough they will see these new business startups are illegal aliens that have worked in these low wage jobs. These illegal alien new business startups in the service hospitality industry end up providing great wages for illegal aliens that should be going to U.S. citizens.

The jist of this issue is the democrats are fighting themselves and can never win which will become apparent in California when all their new conflicting laws come into play as business starts to leave. The democrats are pushing for higher wages in an un-natural way then supporting massive illegal immigration increasing the amount of cheap labor to sustain their democratic voting block and increase revenues to the state treasury. The same scenario is already playing out in New York as New York is an expensive sandwich ghetto with the state and city having to pass laws and pay for the poor to live there due to massive immigration. New York went bankrupt in years past due to immigrants outnumbering jobs available so taxes went up, and up, and up, and up some more to the point where business left and all the wealthy living on top of all the tall buildings are paying New Yorks bills completely. This is a sandwich ghetto. Rich people surrounded by ghettos. California and Illinois will be the first, "Sandwich Ghetto" states.

More immigration means more poverty. The U.S. has to be returned to a, "Natural" economic environment with a demand for employees so wages will rise naturally instead of artificially through corrupt unions. If the immigrants are removed completely with only modest legal immigration hooked to jobs available the economy will boom again and growth will occur even if the jobs that were sent to china don't come back. U.S. citizens will create new manufacturing with the higher wages they will be receiving from a, "Demand For Employees".

Creating an immigration program that favors U.S. citizens being comfortable in their own market is the way to go.

Creating an immigration program that keeps a 5% demand for employees in the jobs marketplace would increase wages to U.S. citizens through demand for employees, flood the U.S. treasury with more money due to low unemployment and higher wages, give U.S. citizens the opportunity to jump from job to job until they find employment they are pleased with.

Legal immigrants could only fill jobs that can't be filled by U.S. citizens after the employers made a reasonable attempt to find U.S. citizen employees at a fair wage. Legal immigrants would have to exit the U.S. before their work visa expired. No immigrants on travel visas would be allowed to work.

Employer demand for employees would be kept at 5%. If the demand went up to 6% more work visas would be issued. If the demand went down to 4% the government would stop handing out work visas.

"NO AMNESTY!". Illegal Aliens exiting the U.S. would be replaced by new immigrants entering the U.S. on the new immigration plan.

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