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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Economic Trade Tariffs On Foreign Countries Is Good

Most trade with other countries is always lopsided against the United States due to congressional insider trading. Mitch McConnell owns a shipping company and does anyone not in reality think ol Mitch McConnell isn't going to pass laws that don't benefit his boats carrying more cargo for
profits?. Lawmakers making trade laws then dumping their millions into companies that will expand their bank accounts? If you don't believe this is happening then I have some property on the moon with a great view to sell you.

I myself want the tariff system used because it stops job loss to foreign countries and along with removing illegal alien workers the tariff system will increase higher wages for U.S. workers by forcing jobs to come back to the United States. It's not the fault of U.S. citizens that they can create an economy that offers them a better life and opportunities for advancement over foreign third world countries that are poor and never do well. Most of our politicians call the demise of poor countries the fault of white people but the reality of it is the poor countries have bad governments that keep their citizens uneducated so as not to interrupt the corrupt power structure.

As for U.S. companies expanding their reach into global markets that's just totally a lie by democrats for global communism and republicans for insider trading profits. The facts in reality is most products produced for the U.S. market are made in China and what's "Free Trade" going to do? "
Allow U.S. Companies To Ship Their Products From China on Mitch McConnells Boats To All Asian And North American Countries without tariffs". The "North American Free Trade Agreement" is just U.S. companies importing products made in China or other foreign nations into the U.S. then exporting the foreign made products to mexico without any tariffs. In all this "Free Trade" B.S. how do U.S. workers and wages benefit. "U.S. Workers Don't Benefit From Free Trade" because there's very few products "Made In The U.S.A.". Most U.S. jobs now are service and office workers doing the paperwork for U.S. companies moving products from China to other foreign countries. Any of the scant manufacturing left in the U.S. is being filled by " 35 Million Illegal Alien Workers" with a lot of these illegal alien workers moving into skilled high wage service jobs. So how are any of these trade deals the president or congress is making benefitting U.S. workers or the U.S. in general? Just wait until India with it's billion people get involved with this "Free Trade" crap. It's not the fault of the United States that India has a billion people but sure as the sun sets when "Free Trade" and India meet the "U.S. CITIZEN IS GOING TO PAY UP THE ASS". It's going to be china all over again. A double whammy.

The reality of what the communist democrats and rinos are doing is reducing the U.S. capacity to support itself.
2/3 of the U.S. manufacturing capacity is "Gone" and the U.S. is very dependent on foreign countries. The U.S. is fast becoming a country run by business that just moves products from one foreign country to another with all the profits staying in the pockets of the wealthy corporate executives and politicians. The communist democrats love this because U.S. citizens have to become more dependent on government and communism is all about government. Rinos only care about business and profits to fill their pockets.The tariff system is the one and only equalizer that produces results that benefit the U.S. citizen. Without tariffs put on imported products the jobs go away and coupled with the massive immigration that's going on wages decline and keep declining. With all this free trade and other trade deals I've never seen consumer prices go down. The only consumer prices that have fallen are on products that are made cheaper and don't last that long. Just look at all the cars that keep getting recalled over the years and all the garbage products being installed in new homes just as examples. Some consumer prices have fallen some but that's due to people in the U.S. having less money to spend and U.S. companies struggling to sell their Chinese made products to keep their profit margins up and their business alive.

U.S. citizens are better served with a structured tariff system that is customized to each individual foreign country. "No" to a uniformed tariff system that charges the same tariff to all countries. A customized tariff system lets the U.S. deal with each foreign country on an individual basis. When a foreign country tries to capitalize through currency manipulation, closing off their market, flooding our market, etc... the U.S. can adjust the tariff to that foreign country to stop their move that bad for U.S. citizens.

A Structured tariff system customized to each individual country will end the profits U.S. companies make by manufacturing overseas through cheap labor then sending the products back to the U.S. for sale. Lowering tax rates to companies is good but foreign countries that undercut U.S. tax rates and provide cheap labor won't bring manufacturing back. Lowering corporate taxs rates alone to bring back manufacturing is just a myth that sounds good to get votes.
Manufacturing will come back to the U.S. when companies can't use foreign countries to profit off the U.S. consumer market through overseas manufacturing. When business comes to grip with the reality that manufacturing inside the U.S. will yield the same profit margins as manufacturing outside the U.S. business will move manufacturing back to the U.S. to save money through lowering shipping costs. Actually, the transportation industry inside the U.S. will boom especially in the trucking and rail industries. Tariffs are all good for U.S. Citizen in every way and form. "No Doubt".

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