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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Was Eric Snowden Working For Barack Obama, Susan Rice And Our Communist Democrats?

Was Eric Snowden Working For Barack Obama, Susan Rice And Our Communist Democrats?

What I stated is indeed speculation but it has to be looked at since Obama and Susan Rice are known to do things like this.

Do you know in 2012 companies started producing 1 terabyte flash drives? Today companies are producing 4 terabyte flash drives that can hold an enormous amount of text on them.

How many of these 4 terabyte flash drives did Snowden download to and why didn't Snowden get

caught downloading to these flash drives when the NSA has computer programs that tell the security staff that downloads are going on in real time? 4 tarabytes isn't going to be downloaded in minutes like you see in spy movies. 4 tarabytes would take some time to download. If Snowden had more 4 tarabyte flash drives then were talk'in a good amount of time. I myself have never downloaded a tarabyte and all the info including pictures on my computer plus the windows operating system is just a microscopic spec so to speak of info when your talking gigabyte vs tarabyte. A tarabyte is like the swimming pool compared to a gigabyte being a 5 gallon bucket of water.

How did an independent contractor walk out of the NSA with those flash drives when anybody else would have bet patted down and inspected for stolen information. The NSA can catch hackers downloading on the spot in real time but an NSA contractor walks out with god knows how many of these 4 terabyte flash drives loaded with big blocks of NSA data?
1. The NSA and other government agencies keep track of all downloads. All downloads are automatically tracked by the servers security program. Snowden had to get out fast after he did the download. Snowden had time to leave the country after the download which means the NSA doesn't check the download computer file that often or people were taken away from their duties by Susan Rice during the time period the download was to occur. 2. It's known by common knowledge that Obama is out to destroy the U.S. economy and make everyone dependant on the government. This is communism. Giving the Chinese and Russians all this collected information the NSA has would be of high value to the Chinese and Russians because they now have economic info that U.S. based business don't have access to which means the Russians and Chinese can deploy a massive economic attack on the U.S. economy that can't be stopped if not stopped at the government level. And we all know Obama will not stop a large economic attack because the collapse of the U.S. economy is what Obama is after to get the U.S. to total "COMMUNISM" and completely dependand on the government. 3. Susan Rice is Obamas good little soldier and this is an undisputed proven fact. Susan Rice was put in charge of the NSA long before Snowden downloaded and stole the information on those flash drives. Susan Rice got on national television and openly lied about Bengazi. So what makes anyone think Obamas good little soldier wouldn't make it possible for Snowden to walk out of the NSA facility with many flash drives completely full of U.S. economic data that U.S. businesses don't even have access to?WARNING: A MASSIVE ECONOMIC ATTACK MAY BE COMING BY THE CHINESE AND RUSSIANS SOON

One big problem in U.S. society is they don't speculate enough on the issues due to political correctness, "INDOCTRINATION" by the democrats over the years. I've run into many republicans and tea partiers that are protecting Snowden as some kind of hero with his rights being taken away. They won't even consider the fact that Snowden could be part of Obama and Susan Rice taking a bad situation and turning it into a positive for themselves. The positive being that they moved a large amount of sensitive economic information to Russia and China that will move the U.S. one step more to communism and globalization under a global communist government and moved public opinion away from themselves by engineering a whistleblower that's being hailed as a hero.

Nobody can prove anything because Obama and Susan Rice covered it up. Of coarse this speculation could be wrong and heaven knows nobody wants to be wrong. But the questions still exist about Snowden working for Obama and Susan Rice and the speculation that Obama committed "High Treason" so far can't be ruled out.

No Evidence is how Obama and Susan Rice plus other corrupt democrats get away with changing the U.S. into a communist state. "NO EVIDENCE". Yes it's just speculation and some people do not understand this but when you put Susan Rice in the NSA shortly before someone walks out of the NSA with who knows how many flash drives it starts to smell bad. "NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY" that has "NO SECURITY?".

The Bradley Manning issue also needs some speculation at different angles. Bradley Manning may have been another Obama hanging chad that just went bad for Obama with Manning ending up in jail. I do think Bradley Manning is a true whistleblower used by Obama and his communist cronies to release government info to show Obamas aliance to the communist push without Bradley Manning even realizing he was being used. Whenever you look at what Obama does it's always wrapped around communism in some way. Bradley Manning may have been profiled by Obama as someone that was on the left fringe and just given the opportunity to take the documents. Bradley Manning may not even have realized Obama left the door open for Manning to take the documents and Bradley Manning ended up in prison at the hand of Obama even though Manning shouldn't have "Done It". Bradley Manning gave the info to a foreign non government entity that is about blowing the whistle on people and he was brought back for punishment. The thing is, internal security should have caught these incidents because they were extremely large information thefts and data dumps. So large it makes a person wonder who's in charge and "What the Bleep Just Happened?

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