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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Did Robert Mueller Engineer His Report To Keep The Focus Off The Crimes Of The Democrats He Found?

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Sure, Now We Know You Job Was Really To Erase The Crimes Of The Democrats

  Opinion Written In Response To Article Posted On

Lifezette: Mueller Says His Team Did Not Have ‘Option’ of Charging Trump with a Crime

Written By James Allan | 5-30-2019

I heard our President Donald Trump state in news reports that Robert Mueller wanted the head the FBI again in the Trump administration and Trump turned him down. Lucky for us Donald Trump had the moxy to turn his request down. We now know about the "Deep State" Robert Mueller wanted to protect when Jim Comey got fired. Robert Mueller with his open ended report that gave the democrat party the much needed breathing room to attack Donald Trump just exposed himself as a true "Deep State" operative and his hiring of an all democrat investigative team wasn't just to ensure an aggressive investigation but only to find and cover up any "Dirt That Comes To The Surface About The Activities Of The Obama Administration And The Communist Democrats".

No, Robert Mueller could NOT bring charges against Donald Trump not only because its NOT allowed in the U.S. Constitution but also because there was NO evidence of a crime. In order for law enforcement to proceed with an investigation of any kind they at least need some sort of "Circumstantial Evidence". With this 2 year, 35 million dollar investigation against Donald Trump there was NO "Circumstantial Evidence" at all.

Why this investigation started was heavy "Lip Flapping" about the Russians by the democrat party and "Weeny Republicans" kneeling in a heavy sweat before the democrats so they would not lose votes and all the money they are making in congress. All these "Weeny Republicans" used to trout Robert Mueller and Jim Comey as good Republicans to cover up the  "Libertarian Republican Rino DEEP STATE involvement". Protect the DEEP STATE at all costs and don't let Donald Trump control the "Republican Party Base". No matter what, "By Force Or By Free Will" the DEEP STATE must keep control of the "Republican Party Base" to keep their alliance with the democrat party intact.

I do think that Robert Mueller was pissed at Donald Trump for not making him FBI director but the motive for Mueller wanting the FBI Directors position back was purely to protect the DEEP STATE, find and cover up any crimes committed by the Obama administration and democrat party. The ALL democrat investigative team Robert Mueller hired after Donald Trump turned his FBI Directors position down and Mueller became the special investigator into Donald Trumps affairs the next day was only to find democrat crimes and relay the crime information to the already installed network of democrat bureaucrats to cover up. 

How much DIRT did Mueller find on the democrat party? Most or all trails to democrat party crimes might be covered up now except for the crimes that are already openly exposed in the news media. Could new crimes be found if the trails are covered up well, YES, if good investigative reporters and other news breaking wannabe's get to work. Much fame and cash can be had when the dirt on the democrats is dug up.

If anyone wants to know exactly what the democrats are doing or have done in the past all you do is have to listen to what they are accusing Donald Trump of doing. The democrats are PROJECTING all their crimes and deceit off of themselves and onto Donald Trump. Did Donald Trump do any of the crimes he's being accused of, "NO", it's just more "PROJECTING" of what the democrats are doing or have done onto Donald Trump by the flapping communist democrat party lips.

The democrats are creating confusion in the minds of as many people that will go for it. Many hardcore communist democrats promote this confusion and could care less about the crimes their party committed because they want to collapse the capitalistic system and get communism installed.     

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