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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Is "Black Power Racism" The Cause Of Black Poverty After The Jim Crow Laws Ended?

We have to take a look at "Black Power Racism" towards whites as the problem of black poverty?

Written By James Allan | 5-18-2018

I'm white and I've run into real racism towards blacks but it's tiny compared to white people whom are "NOT RACIST" that don't want their neighborhoods to go bad and their home values to fall because of what black people do to their "All Black" neighborhoods. White People look at black neighborhoods with all the shootings and crime and "DO NOT WANT THAT". Even when blacks were being suppressed before the "Jim Crow" laws were ended black neighborhoods were infested with crime and most rejection of blacks were due to crime and lowering white property values over skin color. Most black surpression and past enslavement was solely due to "Cheap Labor".  

Blacks say their poverty is because of whites but that's totally false. Black poverty is because they think "Capitalism" is "White" and refuse to get themselves educated and act properly in an educated society. The more blacks push "Black Power" the more they isolate themselves in society and not even the "Blacks With Money Want To Be Around Them". Educated Blacks with money always move to "White Neighborhoods" and do fine. Educated Blacks with good jobs always move out of all black neighborhoods into "White Neighborhoods" where there's less crime and most people act properly. 

I"ve run into blacks that refer to "Diamond And Silk" as gang neighborhood blacks and they are "Not". The black mindset of "Black Power" is their problem. The blacks that move out of the "Black Power" mindset usually do fine in capitalism except for the once in a while racist they run into. The "Black Power" blacks are all, "Racist Towards Whites" and the Whites know this and do not want these "Black Power Racists" in their neighborhoods just as blacks do not want the "KKK" in their neighborhoods

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

A Letter To Donald Trump Urging Him To Use His Business Skills To Fix The United States Postal Service

Lets Lower USPS Shipping Rates So Consumers Can Have More Money To Order Stuff

Written By James Allan | 12-21-2017

A Letter To Mister President, Donald Trump. Please take some of your valuable time and check into why the United States Postal Service is poorly run and constantly raising postage rates to cover overhead. The U.S. postal service does have a huge overhead without a doubt but it is well known that the postal service is so troubled that they need to constantly raise shipping rates to cover the bad management decisions that are a plague.

I've been following this story for over 10 years. Congress borrowing money from the USPS, Congress not letting the USPS shut down useless post offices, Congress forcing the USPS to hold back 10 billion dollars for employee pensions, etc......... All kinds of B.S. that keep shipping rates going higher and higher while consumers stop paying the higher shipping rates which in turn slows down the economy. It's time "Mister President" for you to get involved.

May 10th 2016: The Post Office Lost 2 Billion In 3 Months

Postal Service Reform Act Of 2016 That Isn't Working

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Corporation Business Vs Corporate Executive Incomes And Their Taxes

If We Tax, Lets Tax The Corporate Executive Stock Profits In The Businesses They Run And Not The Corporate Businesses That Create Jobs. Us Republicans Would Like A Piece Of This Pie Too, "Just Not Through Democrat Communism Or Libertarian Republican Ideology".

Business Executives That Own Stock In The Businesses They Run Can Be Seen As, "Insider Trading".

Written By James Allan | 12-16-2017

Everyone is saying this new 2017 tax plan belongs to Donald Trump and as leader of the new Republican Party he certainly has to put it on his plate. The fact of the matter is this new 2017 tax plan is arranged and written up by the republican side of congress. Donald Trump has some of what he requested in it but it's mostly a congressional plan of both houses.

It seems like a large number of U.S. Citizens are under the impression that this tax plan will "Raise" taxes and put more money in the pockets of the rich but this narrative is strictly a communist democrat push to make people believe the tax plan will be destructive. This tax plan in reality will lower taxes to the working class U.S. Citizens and keep the personal taxes on corporate executives about the same with only a 1% drop.

Monday, December 4, 2017

The Illegal Alien "jose inez garcia zarate" Is Not Guilty Of Kate Steinle's Death By A Communist Democrat Court Because

Written By James Allan | 12-4-2017

The illegal alien is not guilty of killing Kate Steinle by a San Francisco Court because:

1. He was in possession of a firearm that he had stolen from a federal land management agent.

2. The pistol he stole had accidental discharge safety features built into it so if the gun was bumped or dropped it would not go off. Also the land management agent that left the gun in his vehicle I would expect would have had the gun in its holster with the safety on. The only way that gun could have discharged would be if the safety was turned off and a persons finger was inside the trigger guard applying the 10 lbs of pressure it takes to fire a bullet.