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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Libertarians Entrenched In Fox News Make Their Bid To Take Control Of The Republican Message To Save Illegal Aliens

Illegal Alien Amnesty, Open Borders And Business Running The United States Is Not An Option! No Sneaky Deal To Boot The Criminals And Give Green Cards To The Rest That Is An Automatic "Pathway To Citizenship" Through Legalization.

Written By James Allan | 7-19-2017

First of all, the democrats have the "Liberal" and the Republican party has the "Libertarian". The only difference between the democrat liberal and the Republican libertarian is the liberals want a huge communist welfare state and the libertarian wants a small business controlled government that doesn't provide anything to anyone except through business. The republican libertarians do side with their democrat counterparts on most, "Social Issues" like amnesty for illegal aliens and open borders, the free flow of drugs, etc......... The libertarians don't believe in welfare except if there is no welfare people will rise up and kill the libertarians and most of their illegal alien base is on welfare in some form or another.

There's only about 10% of the republican party that is libertarian but they have promoted each other into high places and have infiltrated into the small amount of media the republican party has especially "Fox News". The main Republican party base is not libertarian and rejects libertarian ideology but since the libertarians are for small government the main Republican party base often tends to be "Fooled" by the libertarians.

Yeap! mostly brainwashed women libertarians at this time whom are of only 2nd dimensional thought that gives way to democrat communist destruction of the United States though massive immigration at Fox News. These 2 dimensional thought woman libertarians are out to control the republican narrative that saves millions of illegal aliens from going back to their home countries. I'm sure the Rand Paul's and the Ted Cruz's of the defunct Ron Paul libertarian party are behind these women on Fox News who try to prove their intelligence by persuading us into moving towards the libertarian narrative of open borders and amnesty that leads to U.S. citizen poverty.

What happened to the libertarian men ladies? Except for Ted Cruz and Rand Paul whom are your true leaders at this point in time? Are the rest of the libertarian men becoming so unpopular that they have to live in the darkness of shame? Can you Fox News ladies really pull off the enormous task of manipulating the thought of the 90% of the republican party that isn't libertarian into the libertarian mindset? You libertarian women started the show of the push towards an ideology that's not accepted so is everyone that rejects the libertarian ideology going to be labeled, "Women Haters" like the democrat communist party is doing or are you women in reality tied to the democrat communist party though similar patterns of thought on social issues?

The men at Fox News? You can replace Fox New Sunday's libertarian Chris Wallace with a communist democrat and there wouldn't be to much of a difference in the broadcast. The week day afternoon report with Shepard Smith, well, he's a libertarian that can't disappoint his gay community in the democrat party. Britt Hume and Bret Baier are kinda quite libertarians that show their support through bringing on libertarian broadcast contributors. Eric Bolling the self proclaimed libertarian does support Donald Trump but wants "Amnesty" for illegal aliens and open borders? Sounds like Eric is caught in a struggle within himself. Andrew Napolitano is just a judge that will ignore U.S. immigration law to save illegal aliens and libertarian ideology. Sean Hannity is "Libertarian" and is now promoting his Glen Beck libertarian Tomi Lahren and hoping she gets hired as a Fox News anchor. Hiring Tomi Lahren would be like re hiring Glen Beck. Greg Gutfeld's only clue is naked men riding unicorn's that are man made objects.

In all fairness Sean Hannity and Eric Bolling did come out publically in support for Donald Trump but always revert back to the anti Donald Trump "National Review" libertarians from time to time and Glen Beck groupie's. As stated Sean Hannity is on an all out push to get the Glen Beck libertarian Tomi Lahren installed at Fox News to boost the popularity of the libertarian message through an attractive personality. 

Megan McCain the latest libertarian blunder Fox News made? It's now proven that she is indeed the new mess that only makes a mess. I myself never equated Megan McCain with her father but it appears she was born with the same nutty libertarian genes as her father except for a flap that yaps 10 times as fast and never says anything. It may seem like I'm picking on Megan McCain but in reality, "I'm Trashing Her Because She Could Care Less About Anybody Except Illegal Aliens That Buy Her Families Beer"

Sure, I studied Megan McCain long enough and my original thought about her father supporting illegal aliens is the family fortune of selling beer to immigrants will curve the profit line down into the negative area that's unwanted. The John McCain family sells "Budweiser" through a distributorship. I could not believe it when Megan McCain went on national television and proclaimed there should be a, "BEER DRINKING HOLIDAY" every year knowing that her family fortune comes from selling beer to illegal aliens in the southwest.  Megan McCain also went on the Fox News program, "Outnumbered" and stated she was in touch with "Real Voters" but again the reality of her blather is she is only trying to sell her families, "BEER" throughout the southwest. Megan McCain is in touch with something and that something has everything to do with selling beer to immigrants.

There's lots of pro open borders and immigrant libertarian women on Fox News that introduce their libertarian message in snippets trying to balance their extremely high paying careers with the majority of the anti immigrant Fox News audience. None of these women listed below supported Donald Trump and they still do not support him except through false words of, "Now I Have To Support Donald Trump".

Megan McCain Sell the beer to fill her pockets

Trish Regan - Fox Business News

Ebony Williams The beauty is the beast

Katherine Timpt There's nothing there except pole scratching

Kennedy (Lisa Kennedy) Fox Business News

Deirdre Bolton - Fox Business News  This one's really bad news and a libertarian "Snip"

Jillian Turner Fill In Anchor And Contributor

Dana Perino Has no feeling towards U.S. Citizens that struggle

Katy Pavlich Contributor

Tomi Lahren - Hopeful

There may be more libertarians at Fox News that are not listed but I did get the big ones listed. The focus in this article is "Libertarian Women" because I felt they were not getting their just do. Most focus is on the men and we just cannot leave the ladies out.

The libertarian anti Trump leadership in government is the "House Freedom Caucus" and the 10 Senators that refuse to vote for the Healthcare Bill because it will push the illegal alien population out of government paid healthcare over the next 10 years. The libertarian republicans just cannot have this happen.

A full repeal of obamacare without replace means illegal aliens still get government paid healthcare through hospital emergency rooms and medicaid. There will never be a "Replace" or the replace will be watered down.

The immigration debate has started and Donald Trump only has to vigorously enforce U.S. immigration laws but eventually congress will take up the issue and it will be the same ol libertarians in congress that stop any kind of deportation of illegal aliens in the U.S.. The fight to get rid of "All" illegal aliens has to start now with the public personalities on Fox News and other fake conservative media that support open borders and amnesty.  

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