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Monday, June 26, 2017

The Piddler's Drama Out Of The 2 Dimensional Minds Of The Democrat Party

The Troll Is Not The One Who's Truthful But Instead The One That Lies For A Purpose

Written By James Allan | 6-25-2017

The name "Troll" is typed as the popular word for someone of opposition entering a discussion thread of their opposition and making statements of opposition in an effort to interrupt the ongoing conversation that is in the public eye. A so called Troll always starts a war of words without a doubt leading to the conversation being of no interest anymore.

But who's the real troll? A troll is usually seen as anyone entering an opposition thread on either side with an alternate point of view. The reality is a real troll is someone pushing an unrealistic point of view outside of what is correct, has false information they are pushing as the truth or are just plain lying to misinform and achieve a purpose.

The word "Troll" comes from the political realm fighting between the Republicans, Democrats and other little political parties of no significance going at each other on social media. Social media allows public discussions where unwanted personalities can enter into with unrealistic thoughts and ruin logical conversations that goes against their unrealistic thoughts. The troll will start creating what's now called a, "Piddler's Drama" to start a fight and ruin the conversation intentionally. If enough trolls of the same unrealistic thought enter into the Piddler's Drama in opposition to the conversation it's called, "Thread Flaming".


1. A person or animal that urinates.

2. A person who spends time in trifling activities

3. Someone doing something of small importance

Replying to a thread on an online forum, blog or social media site that addresses a specific person, company, entity, or issue with the intention of trying to call someone out publicly, and/or suck others into the piddler's drama. Posting with the indirect or direct intent of creating a fight with another person who posted something you didn't like. Posting messages with the intent or indirect intent of making someone look foolish and unbelievable. Posting with the intent of elevating yourself above another person.
The term, "Piddler's Drama" is not that old and came out of the now defunct forum platforms. Forums are a dying social platform because of the rise of blogs and major social media platforms like "Google Plus" and "Facebook". It's the old forum platforms that gave rise to the terms "Piddler's Drama" and "Flaming Thread" that are now "Urban Slang". The democrats get credit for the creation and advancement of the Piddler's Drama because it's their weapon of choice on social media web sites.

Most Piddler's Dramas are just outright habitual lies produced to trash the conversations in the political arena by the far left democrat communist liberals in their effort to discount the conversations of pro U.S. Constitutionalist's on the republican side. There may be some people on the republican side starting Piddler's Dramas but they are rare. All the republicans have to do is go on a democrat thread and "Tell The Truth" and they will be falsely labeled as a troll. Most if not all Piddler's Dramas are created by the democratic party in their effort to spread the centuries old concept of communism in a new democrat form and destroy the capitalistic U.S. Constitutional thought.

The Piddler's Drama's in actuality start as false 2 dimensional outlooks in the deep recessions in the minds of democrats and get pushed as realistic 3 dimensional thought. In photographs democrats can create and see 3 dimensional images but in minds of the democrats as related to thought only 2 dimensions can be seen and processed. 3 dimensional thought is just not a natural function of the democrat.

A democrat mind that is 2 dimensional can only produce thought that someone else has produced with no capability of analyzing situations and daily events to come up with factual realistic conclusions. The 2 dimensional mind as the democrats are only focus on their well being and use others to fuel their wants. The 2nd dimensional mind will make you believe in them as they only do for themselves. 

The 3 dimensional mind found mostly on the republican side can sort out variables, analyze countless facts and produce realistic conclusions that are correct. The 3rd dimensional mind is more apt to do for others as long as they are doing alright for themselves. The 3rd dimensional mind will always improve the prosperity of others so they can be surrounded by prosperity that fuels their prosperity.   

This 2 dimensional thought that the democrats display has been proven time and time again over the decades as they push an ideology that has created failure in other countries and has brought the U.S. to many failures called recessions and depressions since the 1870's when progressive communism started to appear.

The democrat party has embraced the thought of a, "New Communism" for all to live under. The democrat party has created their own form of communism over russian and chinese communism and they use the tactic of Piddler's Dramas to tamp down republican talk of U.S. Constitutional values so the talk of the new democrat communism can become the established narrative of thought.

The Piddlers Drama can indeed be used in non political topics of one person trying to raise themselves above another but the Piddler's Drama comes from the political arena mostly used by the democrat party as a weapon against those who oppose them and their confiscated ideology of others from the past.

A troll isn't someone that posts the truth on a thread of opposition thought. A troll is someone that is under the thought that they have the truth in the form of ideology or false knowledge that isn't realistic and tries to push their false thoughts and ideology onto someone else. A troll is someone that pushes habitual lies to people hoping one or all will stick and create the narrative. A troll is someone that that goes into someone else's conversation and starts a confrontation with false information and/or habitual lies.

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