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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

AKA Lying Ted Cruz (Swamp Toad) Still Lying As He Lied About Donald Trump In Primary


You Tube Video Clip Here: Ted Cruz Lies On Live Television

Apr. 3, 2017 Video Clip - Texas Lawmaker Speaks Out On Hannity

Ly'in Ted Still Ly'in After He Lost The Primary

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Written By James Allan | 4-5-2017

"Swamp Toad" talks. First of all, "We Did Not Elect Ted Cruz". We elected Donald Trump. Ted Cruz in this interview croaks about lowering healthcare costs the "Freedom Caucus" way but he doesn't say that it entails tossing everyone on obamacare to the streets. He croaks about how Donald Trump signed two bills he authored and that he is on the phone with Donald Trump constantly running the government over Donald Trump with the Freedom Caucus. There has been talk about Donald Trump not letting the press view his signing of certain legislation and I bet it was the Ted Cruz bills. Swamp Toad talks about how the Freedom Caucus way will lower health care costs that the current form of legislation Donald Trump supports won't.

The fact of the matter is if you don't get rid of illegal aliens "The Health Care Costs Will Not Be Reduced" to below George W. Bush levels, the costs will only be reduced to before obamacare.. The current Donald Trump supported healthcare legislation slowly removes illegal aliens out of government paid for healthcare and will knock back health care costs to 1990's levels or close to that far below George W. Bush era levels which will in turn create lower insurance premiums.

Swamp Toad Ted Cruz stated there were "12" obamacare mandates in the new healthcare law. That was a "LIE". Ted Cruz and the Freedom Caucus are stating normal ways that government does business is the same as some of obamacare. For Example: "Obamacare Gives Subsidies", "The American Healthcare Act Gives Tax Credits". Subsidies are, "NOT" tax credits and tax credits are the normal way government helps out U.S. Citizens. Tax Credits are not mandates and this kind of misinformation is what the libertarian Freedom Caucus is pumping out to the public to mislead people into the direction of libertarian control of the government.

Ted Cruz and the "Freedom Caucus" will "NOT" remove most of the illegal aliens because they are open borders and amnesty driven and Ted Cruz "Never" talks about removal. The one time he did he was for amnesty in some form. Ted Cruz, The Freedom Caucus will hold Donald Trump hostage on immigration.

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