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Friday, March 31, 2017

American Healthcare Act - The Freedom Caucus Made Up Power Trip Drama Is Easily Solved

This Problem Is Easily Solved Without Dumping Millions Of Voters In The Streets To Suffer

Written By James Allan | 4-1-2017
No April Fools Here

OK, Here's the skinny on the "American Healthcare Act". I talked to several libertarians and they are willing to make people suffer for no good reason when solutions are easy to come by. The 2 elements the Freedom Caucus are crying and creating drama about are: 

1. The American Healthcare Act keeps the element of obamacare that covers medical payments to obamacare signups.

Solution: These obamacare signups can't be tossed to the streets to suffer. The one element of obamacare that insures medical payments is already in place so it was kept. You Have To Transfer obamacare People To Medicaid if you want to get rid of the "One" obamacare payment element Or Lose Future Elections. We want the millions of people on obamacare to come to the republican party and vote republican, not kick them to the streets. The transfer has to be "Repeal and Replace". The transfer has to be done at the time of the repeal or millions of voters will go back to the democrats instead of coming to the republican party where they will be taken care of.

2. There's a mandate in the "American Healthcare Act" the republicans added that's, "NOT OBAMACARE" and pertains to new signups paying 30% more.

Solution: The Republican Mandate was copied from the "Auto Insurance Companies" that charge new signups more money and gradually decrease cost over time. This is standard practice for the automotive insurance companies. The mandate can be removed. This mandate is the only stupid thing I've read in the new "American Healthcare Act" and it was put in place to keep people on their insurance not mandate that insurance be purchased. Young people won't get insurance and people let their insurance plans lapse. This mandate just says, "New Signups Have To Pay 30% More In Their First Year Of Coverage" then the increased premiums disappear after the first year of new coverage. The mandate in the new "American Healthcare Act" is being misrepresented to the public by the Freedom Caucus and most of the public is taking this mandate as if their insurance premiums are going to go up 30% forever. The mandate is only for "New" signups and goes away after one year of coverage.

There is a third issue the libertarians are kinda moaning about and that issue is the "American Healthcare Act" removes funding from a couple of prevention programs and gives the funding to "Public Healthcare Clinics". There's no solution for that as I'm for this action to be taken. Public Healthcare Clinics are prevention programs in themselves.   

Looks like a power trip by the libertarian "Swamp Toad" freedom caucus. These are simple issues to solve without all the Freedom Caucus drama.

I call the "Freedom Caucus" libertarian "Swamp Toads" because they are crying just like the democrat snowflakes. Fox News reported several times that "Tom Price" a sitting congressman at the time the new "American Healthcare Act" was being written and now Donald Trumps Health and Human Services Secretary started writing the "American Healthcare Act" a couple of years ago and everyone in congress knew it was being written up. The Freedom Caucus Republican "Snowflakes" keep stating it was created in a backroom and then thrust upon them and this is just a complete outright lye by the rino "Swamp Creatures" that keep costing us elections and siding with the democrats.

I'm not apologizing for the name calling because the House "Freedom Caucus" knew about this new healthcare law long before it was introduced and had every chance to input into it. The mandate was misrepresented to the public and tossing people to the streets to suffer is "Not An Option".

Donald Trump made Tom Price his HHS secretary for the purpose of installing the healthcare plan that he and a few other congressmen had written up along long before Donald Trump was elected and Fox News reported this event many times before Donald Trump actually took office. "True". The libertarian Freedom Caucus had plenty of time to input their suggestions and most likely did so but they were overruled by a majority of the House Of Representative Republican Members and decided now to go on a "Power Trip" to exert their ideologist will upon the majority.

P.S., I've been hearing a lot about Paul Ryan. I too dislike the fact that Paul Ryan was a brick in the wall against Donald Trump but it appears that Donald Trump has puppet strings on Paul Ryan right now and I am going to, "Trust Trump". He's always been correct so far.

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