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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton In Coordination With The Democrat Party Removed The 6 Billion Dollars Through Contract Fraud


Thousands Of Missing Documents From The State Dept. Concerning How The 6 Billion Dollars Was Spent And Used And Required By Law To Be Kept Are Missing

Written By James Allan | 12-6-2016

This story should be up in the news side by side with Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation but it isn't. As far as I can see the story of the missing 6 billion dollars from the state dept. is being taken as speculation and rumor over fact and is just becoming a lost story. The truth of the matter is the missing billions has already been confirmed to be missing through government contracts by the Inspector General of the State Dept..

What's not being said except in a few articles that are not well circulated is during Hillary Clintons tenure at the State Dept. there was no "Inspector General". The Inspector Generals position for the State Dept. was "Vacant" from January 2008 to September of 2015. The new Inspector General Steve Linick wasn't posted to the position until Sept. 2015. Since the Inspector Generals position wasn't filled by President Bush during his last year brings up speculation as to what was going on within the State Dept. since it's now known that the complete Bush family are libertarian rinos in the republican party that put up stiff resistance against the election of Donald Trump.

I'm not under the impression that George Bush was stealing money but only that he had so many bungled contracts that wasted money he didn't install an Inspector General to hide the mismanagement of State Dept. funds from going public. When Hillary Clinton was appointed to lead the State Dept. she saw a huge opportunity to give herself and the democrat party a "Pay Raise" through theft. 

The rise of democratic communism in the U.S. all falls on the backs of the libertarian rino republican party leadership that saw opportunities for themselves to advance the libertarian agenda by just overlooking the massive fraud and waste happening in government. Ever wonder why there's so much pushback against Donald Trump cleaning up the U.S. government both democrat and republican? Look no further. The libertarian rino republicans only see opportunity within the faulty practices of the democrats.

The missing billions is contract money allocated to the State Dept. that pays for government projects. During Hillary Clintons term as Secretary of State there was no paper trail to show where 6 billion dollars was spent and on what or how it was divied up? If anything either theft or just plain mismanagement the big question arises about why congress isn't keeping tabs on these things and just let these kinds of corrupt practices continue on without oversight? Certainly congress must have know there wasn't an Inspector General in place. Congress has oversight committees and the corrupt activities are continuely overlooked.

Did the congressional investigations into Benghazi and the Clinton foundation finally come across the fact that there was no Inpector General attached to the State Dept. and forced Obama to appoint one? Most likely it was only public pressure that forced Congress to do what they presently are doing or the finer aspects of government corruption would still be going on.

Donald Trump against 16 challengers in the 2016 Republican primaries with 12 of the challengers soaked into the Republican party libertarian corrupt leadership the democrats were hoping that one would emerge as the winner to run against Hillary Clinton. The press reported that Donald Trump was the one that would lose against Hillary and aid the attempt of the libertarian republican leadership to push one of their own to run against Hillary even with the huge crowds Donald Trump was attracting. The facts are the democrats would have rather seen Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio or any of the other 9 win because they would have been real easy to beat. If a libertarian establishment republican had won against Hillary the democrats would have been able to keep most of what they created during obama's presidency for sure.

Money comes and money goes but the amount of money missing from the State Dept. is a history making event that should be in the headlines. Billions were paid out to contractors and I myself can speculate now about how the contractors were overpaid and being used to launder millions upon millions of U.S. Government taxpayer funds into the pockets of the democrat party. You can't prove anything if there's no trail. Even though everyone is under the impression that corruption exists with Hillary Clinton and her army of cronies that stole the money it can't be proved so she walks away untouched again and the money will never be found. Most likely the money was payed out in "Blocks" for a job that let the contractors launder the overpayments without having to account for what the money was spent on. 

Without an Inspector General in place to raise questions or proper congressional oversight huge amounts of money can be transferred out of the government with just a signature on a contract to do a job. Since it's proven no accounting of the money exists that's required by law it can now be said though educated speculation that fraud was in play through government contracted services.

Source: Dinesh D'Souza

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