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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Liberal Communist Flag Burning Can Be Solved To Some Extent With A Little Logical Thought


Gettysburg Flag Works Has A Fireproof Coating For U.S.A. Made Flags

Gettysburg Fireproof Coating Link

Written By James Allan | 11-30-2016

I don't know how well creating a law that forces U.S. Flag manufacturers to fire proof their flags produced to the general public but it could be done under the health and safety laws. The cost of a U.S. Flag would go up by 35% but it would put the liberal communists at a disadvantage when it comes to protesting a realistic conservative government that puts U.S. citizens first over their global communism efforts. The lost souls of the mentally disadvantaged communist liberals. I'd pay the 35% extra cost to purchase a fire proof U.S. Flag

All flags used inside of government buildings and public indoor events are mandated to be fireproofed so creating a law to fireproof all U.S. Made U.S. Flags would not be to far off base. You can send any flag to the " Gettysburg Flag Works " and they will fireproof it for a fee. They do not guarantee their coating will not mess up the flag you send them but they do guarantee a flag purchased from them will not be damaged in anyway by their fireproof coating.  

A little logic when it comes to the communist liberals burning flags is needed here. I was always taught if the U.S. Flag touches the ground or gets soiled I should burn it over tossing it in the garbage. It would be kinda hard to burn it with this coating so another respectful way of destroying a flag because it touched the ground would have to be developed. A fireproof coating may just keep the flag from getting soiled so that would take care of that if it worked. 

Well, anti U.S. Constituion liberal left communist protestors I would consider to be soil so them touching a U.S. Flag and burning it is the right thing to do. Hey, they touched the flag so I would consider it soiled and burning it is proper. Them burning the U.S. flag that they touched saves another U.S. Citizen some time in finding it and burning it because it was touched by a libleral communist.

Most of the flags made today are made in China anyway. I do not consider a foreign made U.S. flag authentic and of this nation so I would burn it also. I only recognize U.S. made U.S. flags as authentic and of warrant to be fought for and protected. I'd toss foreign made U.S. Flags in the garbage for sure. Foreign made U.S. flags have no value in society and putting these foreign made U.S. flags on our fallen soldiers graves is desgraceful.

A fireproof coating on U.S. made flags won't stop these liberal communist from laying it on the ground and walking on them but it will stop them from burning them even though they should burn them if they touch a U.S. Flag.

I have a beach towel that is an image of the U.S. Flag. I've never used it. It was passed down to me by a family member who never used it. Most likely it was made in china so using it would be tasteful since I do not look upon foreign made U.S. Flags as authentic and of any value to the U.S. society. I guess I could use it as a car seat cover. 

I do have a cotton U.S. flag I keep rolled up on a short flag pole and upright in a corner. I've had plenty of those little plastic chinese made flags I used to attract attention to sell stuff. The little chinese made U.S. flags just got tossed in the garbage. It isn't an "Authentic" U.S. Flag if it's made outside the United States so if it gets tossed or walked on I could care less. As far as I'm concerned it's chinese made junk. Now some will say any image of the U.S. Flag should be respected and I understand this but I will only give my respect to U.S. Flags made in the, "United States". I do push for all U.S. Flags purchased in the U.S. to be made in the U.S..

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