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Friday, January 29, 2016

Why Are Great Ex Conservative Politicians Destroying Themselves & Their Legacy's ?

Tea Party Main Street | 1-29-2016

I have no idea as to why these potentially great political statesmen would go against their majority base and commit political suicide by supporting the unwanted politicians Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz? I at this time cannot even speculate as to their motives?

Trey Gowdy, Jason Chavez and Steve King were 3 of the "True Conservative" base super stars to restore the U.S. to the people. They were Donald Trump revered politicians that were looked up to with the greatest admiration. Why these three and others decided to cut their own heads off is beyond my thought at this time. Is it money, Donald Trump, the power and control of having their own puppet elected to do their bidding?

If it's Donald Trump they should take a second look. Donald Trump would have certainly worked with them as he has stated he would do with the establishment republicans. This is what, "We The True Conservative People Want". "We The True Conservative People" want our country back. "We The True Conservative People" want some of the things the non communist democrats want but we want it done in a way that gets them without government intrusion and the control of our own personal wealth through the flooding of the U.S. with immigrants being used for profit and political gain.

We The True Conservative People do not want your "Rat" political puppets Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio but yet you keep trying to shove them up our butts like we are dumber than you fools who keep treating us a dumb. You 3 keep trying hard to dump Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio on us even though you know we don't want them. "WHY?". Eventually we will find out the reason but you 3 even making the attempt tells the story of "Closed Door" politics "We The True Conservative Base" are out to get rid of.

If you 3 want your legacy to be like "Barack Obama's" legacy then you are on the correct path. You speak like great statesmen but when it comes time for action your true colors emerge. Ted Cruz talks great but when it comes time for action his Barack Obama shows. Hey, if you 3 don't want to get on the bandwagon with Donald Trump then you might as well, "DO THE BOEHNER" and just get the hell down the road!

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