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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Communist Capitalize In Capitalism That Pushes Small Business Startups Into Oblivion

Communist Capitalize In Capitalism That Pushes Small Business Startups Into Oblivion. Yes, the communists are taking advantage of the rising greed in capitalism to fuel their push for a government controlled economy of pick and choose. The ending of the "Free Marketplace" is in site and with the libertarian "Rino" push for corporate communism over the democratic progressive government communism the fall of once was considered a "Free Marketplace" is in site and just needs a few more well calculated plays by the many types of communism to topple it.

The point of this article is to
show that people need selling venues to test the water so to speak and see if their businesses are going to attract and be viable in the marketplace as a producer of income without all the heavy startup costs. The present governments both communist democrats and business communists libertarian rinos are slowly shutting down all avenues of getting a business started from nothing through high costs and ordinances. With the cost of peoples everyday normal lives on the rise due to bad politicians that are controlled by successful businesses using their extremely high profits to shut down competition and the communist controlled progressive democratic party that wants to raise costs and control everything business makes even the small amount of $200 a month a big time expense for those that are just making enough to meet their personal needs. One failed attempt at shutting down small business startups was the attempt to "Tax" the internet and all sales done on the internet. Yes, to do an online business even on Ebay properly will set a person back $200 a month with no guarantees of a sale. Starting a business is gambling with your money and people that are just keeping themselves above water won't gamble that money away. A lot of poverty could be ended if people could just get a small revenue stream going on their own.

Used to be starting a business out of your garage was the way to go but the democrats trying to bleed revenue for government is pushing the effort to crack down on home business startups. Yard Sales is the prime example of this with democratic controlled cities putting restrictions on the amount of Yard and Garage sales a person can have each year. In a lot of democratic cities laws have been passed making it mandatory to get a "License" to have a Yard or Garage sale, "True". It's all to squeeze people into paying the piper. They even have yard and garage sale cops! I've been to swap meets where the city puts forth measures to tax sales done at the swap meets. People do start "New Merchandise" businesses at swap meets but the revenue taken in isn't all that great if they do any business at all. Nowadays it's mostly illegal aliens from mexico selling Spanish oriented products at swap meets.

The time of small businesses being able to service those lucky families that are able to get themselves into a business that is small to gain the freedom of earning for themselves is slowly fading into the oblivion of what once was by sham politicians and large business corporate communists that see the future as more profits for them and government only. The shadow of large corporations that can employee more for less is looming over cities and small towns as does a cloud blackened by moisture.

Even these days of strife for U.S. Citizens in the world of having to share their incomes with aliens from another place that pushes U.S. citizens out of their own earning dreams our government still likes to point to small businesses for the purpose of sway that are not in reality businesses that are small but in fact are really medium investor owned or corporate businesses of profit that eventually will be consumed by the large corporations if they prosper and be treated as a commodity to be traded and eventually ending up in the lap of foreign multinational corporations. The medium businesses that do not prosper will serve as the businesses that are called small businesses for the sake of political satisfaction to uneducated voters.

The small businesses of yesterday are still around but are drowned in a wash of corporate chain stores giving a sale on certain items and hoping the customer coming in for those certain sale items will also put a few extra items in the cart of want that have marked up prices. What works for our society of chain stores really puts a damper on the small family businesses that can't buy in such quantities to make a stand against the high volume purchase discounts that are given to the suppliers of our society of chains who use this advantage to give their cents off on one and putting the gains on the hopes of the customer will add some extras while they are getting their cents off. It certainly does work with the targeting of females who usually don't shop for just one item.

The whooa's of the small person who would like to be the owner of a small business and earn on their own. Turning to the internet was a path when the internet was bright and new and anybody could take their shot at a small business start up and earn enough to pay the bills with extra to spare. Ebay was the beginning path with plenty of traffic draw but when the draw became the sensation the prices to sell went up and people with some hope of prosperity coming to them and their plans to be employed by themselves came crashing down as Ebay said you only get to play if you pay to not only feed our hunger but also to create riches for the new rich that want to be just as big as those who are big.

I'm using Ebay pushing small sellers out as a prime example because they are typical of corporate greed and squashing the spirit and hopes of people that want to do for themselves and ending up getting pushed out as a nuisance that only ends up feeding the communist growth. Used to be "0" bucks per month for a store on Ebay with only a .02 cent per item listing fee and a 5% final value fee that made millionaires and billionaires out of staff and investors of Ebay. This was great for sellers who had little to spare and created nice income streams that were small but were there. When the staff changed and the college educated profit pushers crept in that are the ones that buy politicians the fees that gave hope turned into the fees that sent many a poor person back to the welfare office. Now the Ebay fee's are $15.95 a month on a yearly subscription, .20 cents per item after 150 free items and a final value fee of between 6% and 9% based solely on the average squeeze value Ebay can get out of each sale.

When Ebay raised their store fees swarms of sellers were pushed off of Ebay and out of all the traffic Ebay gets. I've read a lot of posts by hundreds of pissed off store sellers that represented thousands upon thousands of people that were trashed by EBay's profit and pay for play move. Of coarse businesses can do what they want because it's their jobs to profit but I'm just pointing out the kind of profiteering that kills small business startups and is creating "Corporate Communism".

After Ebays profit move that sent small sellers back into their hole of despair Ebay had to offer people 50 free auction listings a month to suppress the "Backlash" that was coming from pissed off sellers. I guess the smarts at Ebay didn't take into account the many people that had small income streams ruined by their move to maximum greed. Thousands upon thousands of people were profiting just enough on their own to pay a bill or two.

EBay's 2006 Fee Hike Pissed Off Sellers That Only Had Small Income Streams 

CNN Money Article: EBay's New Fees Incite Fury

The internet is becoming as bad as it is to be single. You can't get it without two or more combining resources to achieve. No, the economy isn't build for the survival of a single person anymore unless the single person person has a job that pays him well for his/her skills. For a single women it's much worse. The problem with the internet is the fantastic few that get the traffic get the cash. Doesn't matter what the content of the web site is, "If You Get The Traffic The Advertising Revenue Will Fill Your Pockets". My point being that the internet is the playground of pay for play and it now takes the resources of several to get the traffic and gain a cash flow. The internet beats "Brick And Mortar" shops concerning monthly overhead but the internet will cost a minimum of $200 dollars a month to achieve a revenue stream that may or may not produce. The $200 a month doesn't even count the cash to get the inventory to make your go of it. The $200 a month just covers selling fees if you use Ebay, web site hosting if you go solo off a hosted site and some paid advertising which is essential. Fame is always the game over smarts and buying a piece of someone else's fame is the way you have to go to get your own fame to profit.

Small business startups brick and mortar or internet have the problems of you bet your bank account to fuel the others that have gained the fame or you bleed under the watchful eye of the supervisor the employer you work for sets upon your head.

Always remember that it's "U.S. Citizens" that create jobs for others and "Not" businesses or governments. U.S. citizens work for businesses that were started by U.S. citizens that saved their money to start their own businesses that hire more U.S. citizens to do the same. Governments can create the environment for U.S. citizens to start businesses that create jobs for others but do not create the jobs or businesses themselves. Businesses that are started by U.S. citizens that employ others is done by working for other businesses in the past that were created by U.S. citizens and then going into business for themselves when enough money is earned to put towards starting a business.

The flood of immigrants into the United States has never worked and never will work. To many immigrants only fuel the greed of the wealthy and never works for non business owner U.S. citizens. Eventually the greedy business owners pay the price in economic downfall or collapse because U.S. citizens have their incomes cut and drained by immigrants to the point they can't spend anymore. Illegal alien and legal immigrant business start ups also make it very difficult for U.S. citizens to create and make their own businesses profitable. There are many illegal aliens with businesses that need to be shut down. U.S citizens have a right to be first in every category of jobs, pay and businesses. 

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