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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Communist Democrats Import Violence To Install Communism

Communist Democrats Import Violence To Install Communism

The violence in mexico is so bad the communist democrats want to bring more mexicans into the U.S. for political purposes of the "Communist Party U.S.A. and disregarding the mexican violence to meet the end result of
installing communism in the U.S.. "HELL", the mexican violence is creeping into the U.S. now and the violence is being covered up and distorted by both the U.S. communist and mexican governments. Huge mexican drug pipelines are installed through good low crime U.S. middle class neighborhoods. Huge hispanic ghettos are building up in our largest cities controlled by illegal alien gangs covered up by the, "THEY ALL CHRISTIANS" thing to make them sound like law abiding citizens. But the reality of the cover up is profits for the "Rinos" and votes for the "Communist Democrats". Mexicans are socialists and like government to pay for their huge families that create enviroments of criminal activity.

A vast majority of the 181 U.S. citizen victims in this article most likely are Hispanics with dual citizenship that can cross the border at will and were in mexico getting drugs to transport into the United States. There's virtually thousands upon thousands of Mexicans with dual citizenship that are working for the drug cartels. I have heard stories of non Mexicans getting killed in mexico but they are few.

Breitbart: US State Department: 181 Americans Murdered in Mexico Since 2013

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