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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Jade Helm 15 Communist Chart Routes For Massive Illegal Immigration

Whatever Jade Helm 15 is it has to do with "Mexicans". When I first looked at the Jade Helm map I thought this just may be a joke that Obama laid out the hostile states as republican to piss off conservatives. I first believed that
maybe it was true military exercises going on for Middle East purposes. "Then I Read The Color Legend" and realized there's something, "Mexican" going on here. (Permissive = Likes Mexicans) ( Red = Against Mexicans) ( Brown = Against Mexicans But Has Tons Of Them) ( Light Blue = Lots Of Mexicans And Elected Congressional Rino Republicans Fight To Keep Mexicans)

This Jade Helm military exercise looks like it may be a plan to gather information for a massive influx of Mexicans into the U.S. and, "I'M NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORIST". Remember, Obama put ads out in central America to have thousands upon thousands of central American children flock into the U.S. illegally. Doing something like pulling the border patrol back and getting millions of Mexicans to flood across the U.S. border along pre arraigned paths then house them in newly constructed camps is something right up the alley of what the communist democrats would do. The communist democrats may be hell bent on merging mexico with the U.S. and this Jade Helm event sure does look like "OBAMA IS GOING TO DO IT AGAIN BUT THIS TIME ON A MASSIVE SCALE SO BIG NOBODY CAN STOP IT".

If this is commibama's and the communist democrats plan it won't happen until after the summer months or right before commibama leaves the presidency. The U.N. is part of this massive plan to flood the U.S. with Mexicans and are there to keep the Mexicans safe.

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