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Sunday, February 1, 2015

White Privilege Issue Started By Communist Democrats To Rally The Uneducated

White Privilege Issue Started By Communist Democrats To Rally The Uneducated

I was watching O'Reilly tonight and he was talking to Megyn Kelly about white privilege. In one of those rare moments I have to take sides with O'Reilly. Megyn started citing fact sheets and the fact sheets don't spell out the cause. The cause of poverty for all races is

people that learn and people that don't learn. Weather it's mental laziness or lack of a mental capability to learn the subject matter correctly it's this lack of learning and acting right that's the problem. It's nobodies fault that any person of any race just doesn't have what it takes, "Upstairs". If you can't preform then you're mopping floors and living in a trailer.

O'Reilly started saying their wasn't white privilege just people that refused to dump their warped fck'ed up culture and read a book (Some of these words are mine and not O'Reilly's for clarity). I don't agree with O'Reilly to much but on this white privilege issue he's there. As I stated in articles before it's people that refuse to dump their warped culture and them telling each other, "NOT TO BE WHITE". If you learn something and treat people fairly you're white and this is the only thing people in poverty learn.

Anybody born into poverty can work themselves out. They don't have to go run with the crap fed to them on the streets by gangs and criminals. Parents are the key to bringing people out of poverty. If your parents don't guide you correctly when your young you will then have to go out on your own to earn a living and you will have to take whatever job comes along to pay your bills and if you don't pay your bills you will be denied. If you don't learn how to spend the money you are making wisely you will have nothing but problems and this goes for, "EVERY RACE" of people.

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