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Friday, November 21, 2014

The History Of Illegal Immigration And Illegal Alien Removal

The History Of Illegal Immigration And Illegal Alien Removal

In 1954 this U.S. law enforcement initiative, "Operation Wet Back" was created due to pressure from the mexican government to stop mexicans from coming to the U.S. because mexican citizens were not getting paid well. U.S. citizens wanted the flood of illegals out and business wanted the illegals to stay because they worked for
pennies and spent the money they were making on U.S. business products produced. Business won of coarse because business pays the elected officials for their votes.

The problem with this is it was stopped before all the illegal aliens were gone. They kick a couple million out, the economy improved then "BIG BUSINESS WOULD STEP IN AND PAY OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS TO STOP THE DEPORTATIONS BECAUSE IT HURTS THE PROFIT MARGINS OF BUSINESSES". This fact isn't written in Wikipedia but through my own research it's very true. Business pays the politicians to stop the deportation of illegal immigrants because their profits go down and this illegal aliens for profit has constantly been happening for decades.

Time to stop this corporate B.S. of using illegal aliens for profit!

Whenever you hear an elected official state, "We Need The Labor" that is code for, "We Need To Protect Our Business Profits". The democrats are notorious for taking cash from businesses but the rino republicans always state that they need to preserve labor which means preserve profits and get blamed for all of the wrongs business does to up business profits.

The amnesty Ronald Reagan gave to illegal aliens to cure the immigration problem Jimmy Carter created was bad and Ronald Reagan even stated he made a mistake giving 3 million illegal aliens amnesty. Ronald Reagan's amnesty included building the border fence and the first E-Verify system for employers to use.
The E-Verify system was signed into law and is, "Law" but by the time it was usable President Clinton squashed it and the liberal court judges wouldn't allow president Bush to use it. The economy took off under President Ronald Reagan due to the lowering of taxes but the upswing wasn't completely due to the lowering of taxes. A second great move by President Reagan got the economy going under Reagan. The second move was the up and coming laws that a border fence was going to be built, the E-Verify system and the computer age was growing. The the thought of laws preventing immigrants from coming into the U.S and being hired was enough to get employers to hire U.S. citizens and millions of them to head off the removal of their cheap illegal alien labor. When all U.S. citizens are working and making money the economy took off and was a second economic surge after the lowering of taxes.  Of coarse when it became known that the border fence wasn't going to be built and the E-Verify system wasn't going to be up and running for many years employers went back to hiring illegal aliens for cheap labor. When illegal aliens are hired U.S. citizens get pushed aside or have to take on low wage jobs and the economy goes into the toilet. Then President Clinton was elected and totally scrapped anything that pushed illegal aliens out of the U.S.. In fact, Bill Clinton gave illegal aliens home loans which caused the 2008 economic collapse. It took many years for Bill Clintons economic collapse to happen but it did, "Big Time". The rush of illegal aliens into the U.S. under Bill Clinton plus the computer age was booming caused an upswing in the U.S. and world economy but at the end of Bill Clintons 2nd term an economic down turn was taking hold from the massive amounts of illegal aliens building up. When President Bush got elected he had to deal with a recession and not understanding that a huge economic depression was heading his way. Bush was told that parts of the economy was unstable and in danger of collapse but the majority democratic congress killed any adjustment President Bush wanted to do. Then at the end of President Bushes 2nd term the economy collapsed 3 months before Obama was to take office. Kinda sounds like the election of Obama triggered the collapse but the truth is it was Bill Clintons policies that the democratic congress wouldn't let President Bush fix that collapsed the economy 3 months before Obama took office.

The "Great Depression" that started Dec. 4th 1929 due to the stock market crash was created by the same B.S. that's happening now. "Businesses Profiting Off Of Illegal Aliens And Massive Immigration". Wiki and other documents will state the mass need for labor of WWII ended the Great Depression  but the Great Depression was really ended a few years before WWII started in 1939 because the U.S. government was handing out bus tickets to illegal aliens and legal immigrants to "Go Back Home". This mass distribution of bus tickets to illegal aliens is a well kept secret but I saw it reported on in a PBS documentary about how the hispanics were badly wronged throughout the 1900's. The documentary sounded more like how bad U.S. citizens were wronged because of all the hispanics that were pouring over the border and being flown to the U.S. from Puerto Rico. I also read about the bus tickets in a few articles but the bus ticket event was just a line. Anyway, the end of the Great Depression was ended by sending back millions of illegal aliens to wherever they came from and the removal of the illegal aliens created jobs for U.S. citizens and the economy started to recover. The bus tickets were first handed out in Los Angeles as public officials were just knocking on doors and telling the illegal aliens if they didn't leave they would be picked up for deportation. This bus ticket event again was downplayed by past government officials and hidden from public records.

There have been many more instances of economic recessions that were due to illegal immigration and the U.S. government (mainly democrats and libertarians) will always find a way to cover it up because, "Politicians Are Linked To Business Financially". All democrats and some republicans called "Rinos". This time has to be the last time. The border needs to be sealed and all the illegal aliens need to be removed in a responsible manner over time.

Nothing ever good comes from illegal immigration or massive legal immigration for U.S. citizens. The only entities that benefit from massive immigration is business and government. Government gets their taxes off of business profits and side cash in to pockets of politicians, politicians invest heavily in businesses that use illegal aliens and legal immigrants, businesses profit heavily and the fat cat gets "Fatter". When all is said and done the economy collapses, the working class loses their money, wages and homes and get stuck shuffling to stay afloat. The working class always get their wages reduced from competition with massive amounts of immigrants if they can even find a job. The wealthy never get harmed after the economic crashes they create by profiting off illegal immigration and massive legal immigration. It's always the working class and poor that get a stick up their butts when business goes after profits from massive immigration. Then after the wealthy shuffle the blame off of themselves they pull the same crap with immigrants all over again by purchasing politicians. Never Ends! This time we have to end it for good no matter how hard and nasty we have to fight.

Operation Wetback   www.ontheissues.org/celeb/Dwight_Eisenhower_Immigration.htm

Illegals that came to the U.S. illegally or on visas knew they were coming into the U.S. illegally and at some point in time would have to go back to where they came from. Illegal aliens came into the U.S. and exploited our hospitality in every way and without regard to U.S. workers by undercutting U.S. worker wages and offering their illegal alien labor for less.

U.S. businesses are intentionally using illegal alien labor for cheap labor and profit. Democrats hate big business but supply big business with the cheap illegal alien labor business wants to boost their profits. Really messed up brain matter happening in the democratic party???

The question is, "Does Business, Communism and Illegal aliens control the U.S. now???

Business has the right to set wages in a free society. People have the right to not work for those wages set by business. This is the way that built the U.S.. The problem is when business buys government and government supplies business with crap loads of cheap labor U.S. citizens have to work for the set wages businesses give. Businesses are not stressed out to find employees with millions of illegal aliens offering up their cheap labor so businesses can get away with setting wages low. Get rid of the illegal aliens and businesses will be forced to set wages high to retain employees.

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