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And Piss Ass Rinos like the the "16" (Not Including Ben Carson) that "Donald Trump" had to
face off against in the 2015, 2016 presidential primary. Let's Get Ready For 2024.

List Of Presently Known U.S. Citizens Killed By Illegal Aliens

This All Time Mystery Is
Looked AT Realistically &
Only One Conclusion Can Be Drawn.

Could I Have Solved This All Time Mystery
Though Questions I Had?
I'm Sure You Will Be Taken In And Surprised.

I Wanted To Do This Article Since The
Communist Democrats Are Plugging Equality.
I Created This Article To Correct A Social Injustice.

Joe Biden is nobody's president. He was elected by government elites in the State
and Federal governments along with big money liberalism. The lame
idealism of the Rino libertarians in the Republcan Party are equally at fault too.

This is a must read article. It appears Joe Biden maybe
going down this path of war that Obama put into play
to get the United States into full communism

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It's well known now that President Donald Trump was robbed of his second term in office by the well-maintained Democrat Party voter fraud machine. The Democrat party hangs on to California, New York, Illnois and several other states through this well oiled voter fraud machine and not by voter turnout for their candidates. This Democrat Party voter fraud machine will be activated again in this years 2022 midterm elections all over the United States and this is why the Democrats show no fear of losing The House and Senate completely. The question is will the Rinos in the Republican Party in states that had massive voter fraud happen against Donald Trump let the Communist Democrats do it again?

Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Democrats Are Turning The United States Into The Foreign Countries They Themselves Won't Move To

New Article Coming Soon @ http://teapartymainstreet.blogspot.com/  The Democrats Want To Turn The United States Into A Foreign Country They Themselves Won't Move To

  Opinion Written In Response To Article Posted On

Money Crashers: How to Emigrate and Move to Another Country – Costs & Procedure

Hobby Writer Article Written By James Allan | 7-17-2019

I'm talking about the democrat party base and leadership when I write about these communist liberals not immigrating to a country that fits their values better. There's many countries that already practice the U.S. democrat values and NO democrats I've read about have immigrated to these countries which says plenty about democrat values.

The democrats talk about the values of the United States as we have to ride upon their "Goody Two Shoes" carnival attraction voice of deception. These democrat politicians are entrenched in communist values which means them sitting upon us as their trained subjects who are suppose to smile and not speak up then say "Thank You" when our application to change jobs and move to another town is accepted. There's NO "Goody Two Shoes" in a democrat government that regulates "Cow Farts".

These U.S. democrats feel better in a governmental system that runs their lives so why is there very little migration out of the United States to countries that are more of a fit to their retained communist values? These democrats live comfortably in a capitalistic government system and yet they won't leave it to satisfy their ideology values.

The democrats rant about 25 million living in poverty while they haul in millions upon millions of immigrants that increase the poverty. Just looking at my previous sentence lets me know that, "Something Is Fishy!" about their motives on issues they support and complain about?.

I hear democrat politicians saying all they want to do is help the "American People" and raise wages but "Donald Trump" is already doing these things for "U.S. Citizens". If you put the word "American" into context it means "North America" and "South America". "Donald Trump" took up the phrase, "Make America Great Again" and has backed up this phase as meaning "U.S.Citizens". When the democrats say "Americans" they most likely mean all of "North And South America". I speculate on this because "Hillary Clinton" mentioned something about merging our hemisphere as "One" with NO borders.

Fortune Magazine, Quote From Hillary Clinton: My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders

What the democrats are out to do is to merge Canada, The United States, Mexico and Central America into one country as a starting point. Eventually the democrats want to merge all countries worldwide into one. This country merging really sounds like some "Hitler" ideology without the all "white" mindset but then again many Nazi's were mingling in South America with blacks and hispanics so many Nazi's may not have been of the "Aryan Nation" mindset as "Hitler" was.

The problem is most democrat politicians are old and want to see their global communism cemented into a public movement that started in their life time. They have been working on this since the 1960's and for us nasty publicans to stop it can't happen.

The democrat  party wants to do to the United States as corporations do to business, "Consume As Much Of The Market As Possible And Destroy The Competition". Corporations get so damn big, powerful and greedy they destroy everyone and everything in their path and consume billions upon billions of dollars for marketplace control. This is what the democrat party wants to do to "North And South America" under "communism". The democrat party wants to be the "corporation" that consumes everything and everybody.

No matter what your mindset is about the U.S merging all of "North And South America" together it's "NOT" a sane idea. The democrat party trouts this a a "Great Idea" that will benefit "Americans" in "North And South America" but all it will do is create massive poverty that will give the chinese the opening they want to control all assets all over the world because of U.S. politician incompetence. How will the new hemisphere government supply all the poverty that exists in the hispanic countries off the wages of only "U.S. Citizens" who would be sinking into poverty because of the countries merging? The new hemispheric government would "Borrow From The Chinese" as the democrats did intensively when obama was president. 

If this democrat open borders and merging of the countries is ever going to work it could only be pulled off by millions of "U.S. Citizens" migrating into the countries to be merged. So I say, "Why Are The Democrats NOT Immigrating Into The Countries They Want The United States To Be Like?". If the ideology is "People Can Go Wherever They Want" then why are democrats not going to the countries they want the U.S. to merge with? Really strange that immigration is only, "One Way"?

In the end the United States will be "Top Heavy" with ghettos and poverty and a communist government using mexico, central and south america as federal parks where nobody lives. U.S. Citizens must start migrating south to balance out the intermixed populations and start building the communist economic base that will support an expanded population. Without a flow of U.S. Citizens south the democrat "Hemispheric Common Market" will NEVER work properly.

The democrats will NOT move into the countries that fit their ideology but instead opt to turn the United States into the country that fits their ideology that is the foreign country they refuse to move to? These democrats are just plain insane! I speculate this is why the democrats are so lax on mental health issues and have no problem with drugs pouring into the United States that is keeping U.S. Citizens from thinking properly.

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